A Gallery of Assassins in Other Lands, Other Times

Assassin’s Creed is one of my current favorite game franchises, so much so that I forgive them for trying to make the same game about four different times before moving on. But when they finally do, speculation turns to what sort of Assassin might we see next. Where will he be from? In what time period will he function?

There has been massive speculation as to the where and when, and a number of artists have tried to guess correctly. All these pictures are going to be featured in Asassin’s Creed: The Encylopedia, and they feature a whole host of Assassins from everywhere from the Orient to the Old West to the Middle East to space, as you can see above.

A few of these I think we’ve featured, but the majority are brand new. Check them out below.

  • I’d so play AC – Mayan style… these are awesome!

  • J5

    I’ll take one game of each scenario. Please and thank you.

  • donpureevil

    nice artwork.
    but i really don´t get everyones love for the ac franchise.
    i tried all 3 games on ps3 but did´t finish 1 of it.
    the games get boring so fast, i really can´t motivate me to complete them.

  • i say “Yes” for that female one 🙂

  • Online9

    I agree, the girl one is a definite go. But I’d pay good money to have a western Assassin’s Creed. Awesome gunslinger assassin.

  • Shiki

    2nd one from the bottom!!!! \m/ \m/

  • I totally agree with donpureevil, its very addicting at first but when the thrills and excitement dies down, it gets boring… But still, it is worth your money, and I don’t regret having my Assassin’ Creed Brotherhood.

  • Xin

    He’d make a great cyberpunk (Shadowrun) character.

  • Ian

    Loved them all, the cowboy one makes the most sense of any western-style idea I’ve seen for AC (who’s going to where a hood and run on rooftops in that setting?), but the thing keeping a few of these back is the premise of AC restricts the series to a meditaranian setting. The egyptian assassin would probably go the furthest seeing how there’s a lot to run with when you throw an assassin into the Roman Conquest era. That would actually be really, really cool

  • Salacious

    You know I respected Assassins Creed for not immediately jumping to the obvious Feudal Japanese Ninjas and exploring Assassins in Eastern Europe but a lot of these just seem to just be Feudal Japanese Ninjas. If you want a ninja game so badly there are tons of Japanese stealth games out there.. And to be honest Japanese architecture wasn’t that impressive in the Feudal era, nor was anything else really it would be an extremely dull game that would only serve to please Japanese culture fanatics

  • L

    I have to say, these are all pretty great. I think the space and western ones are the best.

    Also, on the Egyptian one, there are no bald eagles in Egypt. The artist could have spent ten minutes to find any of the many birds of prey that are in/ near Egypt.