A Gallery of 35 Humorous Halo 3 Screenshots



I love Halo 3 for many reasons, but one that flies under the radar most times is the ability to take screenshots incredibly easily. Hardly any games these days have that feature, and if they did, I’d be able to make hilarious galleries like this one for all of them. But nope, only Bungie has taken the initiate to integrate the Forge, the Theater and damn good recording and uploading capabilities. Here are 35 great shots that were either meticulously set up or simply were being at the right place at the right time.

(All photos from Bungie.net. Visit them to see a bajillion more. Click on any picture to make it bigger.)

Wrong place, wrong time.

bad move

“Ahhh #$@%.”


“Let us never speak of this again…”

let us

Band of Brothers.

band of brothers

Ultimate camo.


Oh, college.


Embrace death.

embrace death

“Cone man no!”

cone man no

Ghost Sniper.

ghost sniper


go on without me





“I’m super, thanks for asking!”

im super

“He is The One.”


“#@%#ing Taco Bell!”


Master Pup.

master pup



“Heh heh, hey guys come check this out!”

new flamethrower

“Um, need backup.”


“No no no no no no!”

no no no no

“Papers please.”

papers please

Olympic Torch.

olympic torch

“Hey you son of a bitch, you stepped on my Mongoose!”

pocket chief

“Go go Power Ran-gers!”

power rangers

Redneck Warthog.


Rubber ducky, you’re the one!

rubber ducky

Santa Claus is coming…to town.




“Crank dat Souja Boy.”

souja boy

Darth Chief.

darth chief

Good vs. Evil


Oh God no.

oh god


i like crack

All my love for Bungie’s Theater aside, how about you insert a damn rewind button, OK?

  • TinhornAdekunle

    fucking hilarious man

    soulja boi vicious

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  • jonas fellbert
  • Cutternewmoon

    How about crediting the original users that took the photos? It would be nice to see who took them and give them props for funny camerawork.

  • d0x

    Those are great.

    I’d also like a rewind button but Bungie said because it runs code in realtime instead of just a movie it would be really hard to pull off and still have decent performance.

    They also said they are working on a way to convert the movies on bungie.net so they can be watched and downloaded so we will just have to wait for that day to come.

  • Preng

    Some of these I’ve seen far too many times, but it was a good gallery.

    I’ve got one that’s similar to the “Hey you son of a bitch, you stepped on my Mongoose!” photo. Here’s the link if you would like to see it.


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  • http://gamer-book.com john

    gamer-book.com is amazing

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  • http://devinsblog.com devin

    haha sweet…

  • XboxMan33

    You realize that if you hit back on the d-pad, it will rewind a little, and if you hit it enough, it will rewind all the way.

  • http://www.unrealitymag.com/ Sub-Zero

    wait, seriously?

  • Echo Eagle

    Only in multiplayer. You can’t rewind in Campaign (I assume) because of the event scripting.

  • http://www.thecreativeone.tv David Di Franco

    Gay u suck idiots

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  • Josh


  • http://thefreelancecartoonist.blogspot.com/ The Freelance Cartoonist

    That’s the funniest photos I’ve seen this day. Thanks.

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  • Luncho

    Wow, cool. Too bad 95% of them aren’t screen shots at all and/or are edited big time… defeats the purpose…

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  • http://www.ntopics.com ntopics

    These are cool Halo 3 Screenshots.
    Really beautiful to see Halo art.

    thanks from tony

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  • fooge

    if anyone knows who the author of the “I LIKE CRACK” pic is could u let me know…id like to download it to my console 😀

  • CaptainBaconMan

    Not to be a dick, I love the gallery, but I don’t think you’ve played any of the source games. All of of Valves new games (Since Half Life 2 released in 2004) Have a built in developers console that allows you to record video and F5 takes an immediate screenshot. And Forge is basically a Halo 3 ‘Gary’s Mod’, albeit a not very good copy.

  • Fullmetal

    I’ve captured a picture of gay chief, its just him reaching for a grenade.

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  • metallica

    haha that shit is funny you should check out my site i have some of these but a lot more and i do some of my own photo work

  • http://www.gurmanya.com tom
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  • kyle perterson

    hey guys, my uncle did something like the oh no 1, he said it was a part of becoming a man… :(

  • jussta

    lol this was hilarious, crank that!

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  • Jamie

    Bahahaha. I laughed my ass off!


    thats some funny $#!+



  • Brandon B.

    I laughed my ass off when I saw these. Most definetly the best use of 5th period to date.

  • http://..... sian:P

    lol this site is well kl from a gals point of view

  • ames


  • xXburekXx

    gears 2 has this same function that allows you to take pictures, i got a good one of a headshot

  • nemesis13

    the one u labeled “papers Please” i took its on bungies favs like page 7 i think i was stoked to see it on here love the site

  • xXburekXx

    ghost sniper is a bungie member, only bungie members can have the flaming head but its still cool

  • xXburekXx

    lol my friend has the first one of the elite running from the chopper

  • Sideswipe

    wow how did u do all of that? is there like a special mode or sumtin>?????

  • Colton

    hehe awesome

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  • http://youtube.com KALEB

    ok, none of this is actually halo gamepley except for 3 of them the rest are all Garrys Mod made.

  • wow


    Your an idiot.

  • ashurbanipal

    ha ha funny stuff bro

  • alex

    uhhhh gmod much?

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  • leatimida

    LTD! ROFL! THIS IS SO FUNNY! except for the ones that involves with sexual things…. but the one that says: i love crack, IT’S OS FUNNY! i can’t stop laughing while scrolling down the page.

  • http://yahoo.com ass

    fucking funny 😀

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  • DalaxVanPwn

    Fucking hilarious dude.

  • Jason

    OMG sweet bro for showing my “hey” pic 😀