A Gallery of 35 Humorous Halo 3 Screenshots



I love Halo 3 for many reasons, but one that flies under the radar most times is the ability to take screenshots incredibly easily. Hardly any games these days have that feature, and if they did, I’d be able to make hilarious galleries like this one for all of them. But nope, only Bungie has taken the initiate to integrate the Forge, the Theater and damn good recording and uploading capabilities. Here are 35 great shots that were either meticulously set up or simply were being at the right place at the right time.

(All photos from Bungie.net. Visit them to see a bajillion more. Click on any picture to make it bigger.)

Wrong place, wrong time.

bad move

“Ahhh #$@%.”


“Let us never speak of this again…”

let us

Band of Brothers.

band of brothers

Ultimate camo.


Oh, college.


Embrace death.

embrace death

“Cone man no!”

cone man no

Ghost Sniper.

ghost sniper


go on without me





“I’m super, thanks for asking!”

im super

“He is The One.”


“#@%#ing Taco Bell!”


Master Pup.

master pup



“Heh heh, hey guys come check this out!”

new flamethrower

“Um, need backup.”


“No no no no no no!”

no no no no

“Papers please.”

papers please

Olympic Torch.

olympic torch

“Hey you son of a bitch, you stepped on my Mongoose!”

pocket chief

“Go go Power Ran-gers!”

power rangers

Redneck Warthog.


Rubber ducky, you’re the one!

rubber ducky

Santa Claus is coming…to town.




“Crank dat Souja Boy.”

souja boy

Darth Chief.

darth chief

Good vs. Evil


Oh God no.

oh god


i like crack

All my love for Bungie’s Theater aside, how about you insert a damn rewind button, OK?


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