A Gallery of 20 Humorous Game Glitches


“We ran out of bombs so now we’re just trying to crush them.” Game glitches pop up in a million different and unexpected ways. More often than not it’s hard to get photo evidence of them, but here are 20 different bugs that people managed to snag on film. If you’ve got any of your own, feel free to send them in to unrealitymag@gmail.com.

Oblivion – “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”


 The Sims 2 – The infamous “Christ Expansion Pack.”


GTA IV – Ghost town.


KOTR – Actual accompanying quote: “I came back to my ship and my entire crew turned into Wookies for unknown reasons.


Assassin’s Creed – Now is it a game glitch, or a glitch of the program being utilized inside the game? Meta.


College Hoops 2K7 – “There’s nothing in the rulebook that says a hideously deformed Neanderthal can’t play basketball.”


Medieval Total War 2 – Yeah, we’ve been meaning to clean that up.


SOCOM (?) -Your computer is just camouflaging itself for extra stealth.


Crysis – After his recruitment, Doctor Octopus was the most feared soldier of all.


Conan – Some guy managed to figure out how to wear a potion as armor.


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  • nick

    you mean WOW: LSD Cronicles not LCD right? or were you referring to those crazy effects which occur when you push down on your lcd screen……

  • Arkz

    grarg KOTOR not KOTR Knights of the old republic if were to be any anything it would be KTOR but its not… and people need to realize that the spirit is supposed to be campy

  • Einherjar

    I had the wookie glitch as well, it also replaces the stupid robot in your party so you can go into the world with two wookies. bad ass. also, my glitch happened near the end of the game, and on xbox. hahaha

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  • meathead

    That World of Warcraft one isn’t WOW specific. What happened is textures in video memory got corrupted. I’ve seen it plenty of times in other games. I’ve also seen it on the Vista desktop when running Aero. The desktop and application windows are rendered as textures on 3d surfaces. When those textures get corrupted,

    It’s more of a hardware glitch than a game bug, although a game developer can usually find workarounds. Otherwise, turning down graphics settings, updating video driver, or updating the video bios may fix it.

  • bigbluealien

    I believe the SOCOM? is Operation Flash Point, that game was full of bugs, but still an amazing game. Looks like it’s running a mod too, at least doubling the chance of bugs.

  • Ted

    The SOCOM one is Operation Flashpoint. The ten team members at the bottom is the unique squad display system. By the looks of it, they are running Cops and Robbers Mod.

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  • Harold

    Ahahaha I remember the BF2 “Cartillery”. Oh no the hummers are falling! That would destroy everything, and make abosolute gridlock.

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