A Gallery of 12 Real Life Video Game Weapons

There are two things that happen when you convert video game weapons from pixels to steel. The first is you get to see how cool they look, and the second? Well that’s usually how impractical they are to use. Ever try to pick up a sword that weighs more than you? You won’t win many boss battles, believe me. Here are twelve weapons that have made the jump all the way to real life, and why you might buy them.

Doom‘s BFG – Because you need to make a quick exit through a concrete wall.


Final Fantasy VII‘s Buster Sword – Because you can prove what a big man you are.


Gears of War‘s Lancer – Because you spent an absurd amount of money for the collector’s edition.


Assassin’s Creed‘s Majestic Sword – Because you have an unnatural love for Assassin’s Creed.


Halo‘s Assault Rifle – Because you want to hone your skills in your backyard.


Final Fantasy X‘s Tidus Sword – Because you want to catch an abnormally large fish.


The Legend of Zelda‘s Master Sword – Because you want to time travel.


Dead Space‘s Plasma Cutter – Because you’re hopefully not as douchey as this guy.


World of Warcraft‘s (insert mythical name here) sword – Because you probably have a collection of about 30 other swords.


Halo‘s Energy Sword – Because you want to accidentally kill your cat.


Final Fantasy VIII‘s Gunblade – Because carrying around a revolver and a sword was just soooo annoying.


Portal‘s Portal gun – Because you’re ****ing awesome.


Bonus! Halo‘s Warthog – Because you’re Peter Jackson and they had to give you something when production on the Halo movie shut down.


Now someone get out there and make a life size Soul Edge. It would make a nice coffee table.

Update: Here’s a really cool gallery of someone who made a ton of Team Fortress weapons. Thanks, mtrizzy. And yes, Frostmourne, I got it.

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  • Charles Noteboom

    Nice of you to rip off other blogs and not credit anyone with links.

  • http://www.the-minusworld.com agent b

    i suggest that all would-be real life video game weapon collectors start with the wrench from Bioshock as it is both practical and non-nerdifying.

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  • Frostmourne

    Remember my name, next time. They call me Frostmourne. Not some noob made random blade…

  • http://n/a Strong

    The WoW Sword is called Frost mourn if you actually found the weapons yourself you would know that

  • Reader

    True that.

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  • Lame.

    Frostmorne? Meh.

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  • Teo

    So you took all those pictures yourself, eh?

    BTW, that would be Frostmourne, from WoW.

  • http://www.unrealitymag.com/ Sub-Zero

    So I’m told.

    And yeah, even built them personally. I almost lost an arm forging the buster sword and I keep having to de-ice my car every morning because the Warthog takes up my entire garage.

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  • http://fuckyou Kanker

    The Frostmourne isn’t from WoW you fucking kanker. How about doing some research before posting shit posts on this fucking pointless blog.

    The author is a massive faget.

  • theauthorofthisisretarded

    Because the guy who wrote the captions is a fucking 6th grader…

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  • http://fotologando.blogspot.com/ Rodrigo

    WTF? rsrsrs cool

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  • treo
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  • terrell

    the gears of war lancer pic u have is the nerf longshot mod

  • Donavan

    No fat man from fallout 3??

  • http://www.dinflux.com Dinflux Ed

    thats pretty awesone, except for the energy sword from halo, because steel =/ energy.

  • http://www.jamesbuckingham.com Jay

    Awesome… I recently did a blog of the Portal Gun myself… but have to say I love the Halo Energy Sword… WANT!

  • Failblog

    wow, this is awsome

  • http://fotoaprendiz.com Herzeleyd

    It would be great for an intersting photo ūüėÄ

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  • http://www.ferrari-wiki.com/ Ferrari Guy

    why are there so many swords i mean what the hell will a sword ever do? I do not fucking wanta be around when people start resorting to swords to defend themselves.

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  • Sophie

    lol i’m an epic WoW fangirl and i totally want a replica of Frostmourne aswell as all the other weapons hehe. one of my friends does have a replica of the master sword and i can bearly lift it *sigh* stupid weak girl arms hehehe :3

  • Trace

    I actually saw someone who made a lifesize replica of soul edge (The one from Soul Calibur III) Here’s a link to the pic I have http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb233/Godspeed_edge15/Otakon%202008/SoulEdge.jpg It’s kind of a fuzzy picture The girl is dressed up as Eddie from Guilty Gear.

  • xXburekXx

    the unnamed sword is frostmourne, it is arthas’s sword

  • LZCX

    ne.. if there can be the Samus’ Arm Cannon i would be impressed, but while i wait, pretty cool portal gun!

  • To Kanker

    Listen dude good job on the weapons. Anyways to kanker, look here dumbass Frostmourn is most definatly from WoW (world of warcraft). Hello Arthas aka the lich king who’s soul was possesed by frostmourn in the second to last mission in warcraft 3 afterwards becoming the most kick ass death knight in existence. I mean it takes 10-25 people just to kill him. Get your shit right before you post so this doesn’t happen again.

    Final fantasy buster sword ftw (now attempt the 6 piece buster sword from advent children and ill be really impressed)

  • McKay

    The FFX sword is not what Brotherhood looks like.

  • http://kadajett.com Jeremy Stover

    I am going to find and purchase the Portal Gun!!!

  • http://www.ifragmedia.com Gaming

    I will have to say that the Frostmourne sword is probably my fave. I own it, and I will say that the detail is amazing, assuming you bought the authentic Frostmourne with certificate. It is a little heavy though, but it’s not used to combat so it uses Stainless Steel.

    Other great swords (not game swords) are the Lord of the Rings swords. They are detailed, again if you buy the authentic ones, and are a great addition to any collection or if you are a fantasy buff like me.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • lunit52

    lol i have the energy sword.