A Few Heroic, Tragic Saves in League of Legends


Perhaps I’m alone here in my love for League of Legends related humor, but this is a concept at least some of you can relate to: video game sacrifice. It doesn’t happen often, but when a teammate gives his life trying to save yours, you can often feel indebted to them, even, if they’re a total stranger.

That happens sometimes in League of Legends in between raging, and some occasions were so majestic and noble they get their own video. Above, we have Lulu saving her good friends Miss Fortune and Ahri from certain death at the expense of her own life. Below, we have this happening with even more champions, and the Titanic soundtrack is used at least once. It’s fantastic.

Shen Saves Fiddle


Nocturne Saves Veigar


Soraka Saves Gragas



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