A Fantastic Arkham Asylum Rendering…Wait, COSTUME?

When I first saw this, I thought “Wow, this is an incredibly well rendered version of Batman from Arkham Asylum. Is this some sort of tech demo for something?” Then I stopped and looked closer.


Wow, I am seriously impressed, as it looks fiber for fiber like it was taken directly from the game. I can find zero info about who made it so far, but I’m going to keep looking so I can give them an internet handshake.

I liked it before, but seeing it in real life has convinced me that this might actually be my favorite Batman costume out of all of them. I think the Dark Knight’s is just too much armor, and I dig the return to blue like he used to be in the comics. You can be “dark” without being “black.”

Check out more pictures of the costume in action below:

  • Bert

    I like everything but the ears – they often seem too tall lately. They don’t have to be Adam West-style short, but these are kinda excessive (but authentic to the game).

    And I like the dark blue too – it’s better than black for blending into shadow anyway.

  • victor

    It has always bothered me to see in the movies, how batman can’t turn his neck. In the dark knight he could, but the neck looked too thin compared to the head.

  • Danelhombre

    They made it using the the game files to be as accurate as possible. There are a bunch more pictures here:


    Its pretty amazing work. But that is par for the course as there are many people on that site making amazing suits. Just don’t ask to buy anything because they don’t sell their stuff as WB would come down on them.

  • Danelhombre

    Here is the beginning of the thread:


  • Will

    Now this is how a batsuit should look, ive been wanting to see something like this in the movies for ages!