A Demon’s Souls Speed Run You Have to See to Believe


Yes, we’ve seen plenty of videos of people beating Super Mario in 11 minutes, but Super Mario isn’t exactly the hardest game in the world. Some would argue that honor goes to Demon’s Souls for the PS3, the insanely hard game that actually gets harder the more you die, so to see a speed run for it is pretty unbelievable.

It’s an hour long, so if you’re bored at work it will kill some time, and features a self-described “god” juking, sprinting and rolling his way through the game, like he’s some sort of parkour expert or agile running back, avoiding all the confrontations he can.

How does he beat the entire thing in merely an HOUR? You’ll have to watch and find out. Parts 2-4 are below:




  • This is impressing and boring at the same time…

  • agon

    the speed run doesn’t speak highly for the difficulty of this game. Ever since he got that 5 orb beam attack spell he just seems to 3-5 shot most of the demon bosses. I’m guessing the story might have been its selling point.