A Crossover I’d Kill to See

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I don’t usually feature pencil sketches here, as I prefer lots of color, but this piece of art was definitely worth a feature. It’s a crossover between Assassin’s Creed and the Legend of Zelda, which would probably make for one of the coolest games around. Yet again however, as always seems to happen, Nintendo would never let one of their beloved heroes go M-rated, not even for one game.

But just imagine it. Boomerangs stunning roof guards. Bombs blasting through heavy soldiers. Arrows sniping from afar. A million different classic swords to choose from. The pieces are all there, just waiting to be crafted into an awesome game like this.

Guess we’ll just have to be satisfied by using the Wiimote as a sword and shield for the next game. Woo hoo.

[via Unique Legend, artist unknown]

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