A Cool Gallery of Mass Effect 3 Fanart by Patryk Garrett

We do our best to find artist work that’s not just original and sticks to the theme, but also work that is high quality.   Granted stick figures have their place but generally when we select fan art it’s gotta be something pretty special.

And personally I think the digital work from Patryk Garrett deserved to be up here.   While he has done other work, I felt that his pictures dedicated to Mass Effect 3 deserved their own place on this site.

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Shepard Wallpaper

Shepard’s Pain


Mordin Solus

E3 Wallpaper


Kasumi Goto


  • “adjutant” looks like the shrine of kynareth from skyrim http://www.skyrimwiki.com/images/thumb/9/91/ShrineofKynareth.png/200px-ShrineofKynareth.png

  • Miquel

    Wish they existed in higher resolutions… I looked everywhere.

  • HarshReality79

    Aren’t those just his ME2 works from a few years ago with a “3” slapped on them?

  • Dave

    He did actual concept artwork for ME3 because his ME2 fanwork was so good.

  • MEFan

    plz release all of these as a HD theme for window 7. all themes i’ve found are in low res and not as good as these.