A Compilation of When Cheese Fails in Starcraft 2


So I know at least a few of you out there are fellow Starcraft 2 players  like myself. But for the uninitiated, “cheese” is a term where someone uses an incredibly unorthodox tactic to try and get an early win in a game, and it’s generally frowned upon as being a dick move in the game. But it’s not illegal to be a dick on the internet, as that’s proven to me every day, and so it will always keep happening.

But sometimes there are glorious games when cheese fails. These no-talent hacks run into someone with the mental capacity to defend themselves property, and they end up getting the tables flipped on them. This results in hilarious match-ups that inspired this video series from LifesaGlitchTV. They take some of the biggest cheese upsets and cast them, and if you’re a fan of the game, I think you’ll probably find them as hilarious as I did. Check out the series below, and if you’re short on time, the last two are the best. But they’re all worthwhile.

Episode 1 – The Zealot Choke


Episode 2 – The All-In Pylon


Episode 3 – The Drone Nydus


Episode 4 – Fighting Fire with Fire


Episode 5 – Macroing His Micro


Episode 6 – The Hero Crawler


Episode 7 – The Planetary Smackdown


  • Guy Incognito

    My favourite is 5 because the guy who loses is a huge douche and deserves the smackdown he got.

  • Jim

    Oh my lord those are awesome. I’m torn between the epic planetary fortress smackdown and one of the best uses of the nydus worm (one of my favorites) I’ve ever seen.

  • These definitely deserved to be on the list.

  • ash
  • harkus

    #7 is probably the most awesome cannon cheese defence and counterattack i have ever seen

  • Guy Incognito

    Haha ash I agree that is the best one.

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  • I know zero about SCII and these were still very enjoyable to watch.

  • John

    where do I send my replays? I haven’t played a 1v1 in months but i decided to play a game right after watching this.. and guess what, I get 6 linged straight into a baneling bust and the guy left. as it failed

  • SirFinn

    #7 was THE best comeback I have ever seen… Wow… There is so much cheese out there that I need to practice counters. These gave me hope.

  • XxMenexX0

    Tthis shiit is funny as hell and i never actually played the game before or even heard of it

  • John

    Kinda boring to play, but the online dialog always had me lulzing