A Compilation of When Cheese Fails in Starcraft 2


So I know at least a few of you out there are fellow Starcraft 2 players  like myself. But for the uninitiated, “cheese” is a term where someone uses an incredibly unorthodox tactic to try and get an early win in a game, and it’s generally frowned upon as being a dick move in the game. But it’s not illegal to be a dick on the internet, as that’s proven to me every day, and so it will always keep happening.

But sometimes there are glorious games when cheese fails. These no-talent hacks run into someone with the mental capacity to defend themselves property, and they end up getting the tables flipped on them. This results in hilarious match-ups that inspired this video series from LifesaGlitchTV. They take some of the biggest cheese upsets and cast them, and if you’re a fan of the game, I think you’ll probably find them as hilarious as I did. Check out the series below, and if you’re short on time, the last two are the best. But they’re all worthwhile.

Episode 1 – The Zealot Choke


Episode 2 – The All-In Pylon


Episode 3 – The Drone Nydus


Episode 4 – Fighting Fire with Fire


Episode 5 – Macroing His Micro


Episode 6 – The Hero Crawler


Episode 7 – The Planetary Smackdown