A Collection of Nostalgic Computer Gaming Screenshots

Does anyone remember this bad boy?  Oh and how about all the other crap from the 90s?  Hell even before that?  Even just a little bit after?  Does anyone else miss the days of old school first person shooter games where the click of your mouse was like music to your ears?  Anyone remember playing Command and Conquer in college?  Am I too much of a geek here?

Oh I don’t care.  Tell me Quake didn’t totally kick ass.   Anyway, for all you folks out there with great memories here’s a fun collection of nostalgia for you.

Check out these gaming screenshots of the past….

Who remembers this?  Awesome!  More pics below…

  • Voxeltoxin

    I really wish a game studio would remake or make another Soul Reaver game. One of the best games ever in my opinion.

  • MattChi

    I’ve been playing the new Counter-Strike and I’ve been enjoying it. I still need to dump like $500 into my PC before I can play at a competitive level though 🙁

  • Michael

    Ah, Red Alert 2. Nothing beats it.

    Loved Counter Strike & Day of Defeat.

  • Rob J

    Still play the shit out of Quake 3 on a regular basis as well some Starcraft. Good times! 🙂

  • wevs

    Oh man, right in the feels! 00s was a really good time for FPSs and action games. I really think MW kind of ruined the genre as far as multiplayer goes, and even worse, most titles cut the campaign real bad and try to shoehorn multiplayer (I’m looking at you, Uncharted and God of War).

  • Mouserz

    Oh gosh, you even added LBA2.

  • DOA

    awesome collection, reminds me I need to get some of these gems to replay.