A Collection of Fantastic Scenic Shots Inspired by Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I know that Elder Scrolls V has been out for quite some time.  And I know that we did our fair share of Skyrim posts when the release was newer.   Still though, having tossed it around for a little while on the console over the past few days I can’t help but still think how much of a cinematic wonder that game is.

I mean it’s hands down got some of the best scenery of any game ever.   Couple that with dragons and just looking at the game gets you psyched.   I decided to find some great screen captures as well as artwork geared towards Elder Scrolls V.  Hope you enjoy it.

Pictures are after the jump….

A big thanks to Jonny, Cohen, Wasudo, Artfall, Bjorndis, licantrox, Moose, Axeface, AuriV, and vermanden for their contributions.

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