8 Solid Gaming Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season


Any plans to surprise your man this Christmas with a mind-blowing gift? No doubt men love gadgets and games for sure. Yeah, when I say men, they probably don’t have any age limit. It can be your 6-year old son or your 17-year old teen or even say your hubby. They all are mesmerized and addicted to the world of games. Keeping that in mind, we have got a few amazing gift options for them. It ranges from VR headsets to gaming consoles to suit your gamers.

1. Sony PlayStation VR

If offering an unbeatable virtual reality is on your list, just go for the Sony PlayStation VR. All they have to do is to connect it with the PS4 and its done.

Unlike their expensive competitors, you don’t need expensive gaming consoles to connect it. The VR is easy to set and operate. Moreover, the OLED display makes it a more attractive thing for the gamers. Remember to use the Base.com discount code and win good deals on the VR set.

2. Logitech G900 gaming mouse

If your teen or husband is a dedicated gamer, then there is no need to hype the importance of the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum gaming mouse to them. It comes with unbeatable features to offer the ultimate gaming performance. Durable battery life, ambidextrous design as well as ease to change the wired and wireless mode, makes it all the more attractive.

3. SteelSeries Artics gaming headset

Incomparable sound quality, super sensitive microphone, and comfort makes the headset equally attractive to the gamers and the person set to work on the PC using Skype calls.

4. Microsoft Xbox One S

Whether it is about some home entertainment or some gaming options, the Xbox One S from Microsoft is enough to beat the heat. The product comes with good hardware and is capable of running HDR content as well as 4K videos apart from playing games.

5. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

This is going to click extremely well with your lads. The console does not need an expensive laptop to run the games. Simply connect it with a compatible TV and it is ready. Apart from that watching downloaded 4K videos from Netflix is quite simple. You can easily find good deals on this product just by using the Dealslands offer options.

6. MSI GS63VR Gaming laptop

The Stealth Pro series comes with a number of gaming laptops which has inbuilt hardware ready for VR. The laptop comes with a good display as well as configurations that can help you have GPUs of GTX 10-series.

7. Logitech mechanical gaming keyboard

Apart from having the features to lure in the gamers, the keyboard is an excellent treat for people at work. The perfect design helps to improve the typing speed and the keys are customizable to suit the gamers’ needs.

8. Nintendo New 3DS XL

Every kid of 80s and 90s knows about the man who has been running all the time to save his princess and getting big with the mushrooms. Yes, we are talking about our Super Mario. The portable gaming console comes with its pre-installed gaming series which, can leave anyone in the nostalgia.

Christmas is not just about gifting, it is also about spending your money wisely. So it would be better if you spend it on something amazing that the people are going to love. The anticipation and then the surprise element that a gift brings to the people is worth a sight for the eyes.

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