3D M. Bison is the Most Badass Street Fighter You’ve Ever Seen


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Ever since I was old enough to play video games, I wanted to be a video game designer. Seeing these 3D fan-made models of M. Bison has made me sad that I didn’t go ahead and follow that dream. ZBrush user rv_el crafted this work of art after being inspired by a 3D Street Fighter model contest from a few months ago. After a ton of painstaking work, we have this, and it’s one of the most impressive video game character models I’ve ever seen. And it’s not even going to be in a game!

Check out some more pics of M. Bison after the jump. Who would be another Street Fighter character, or I guess any video game character, you’d like to see this guy tackle next?

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  • Robert

    Wow! I’d have to say that’s very impressive. I know nothing about design or what kind of tedious work it requires to create something of this caliber, but I’m assuming he won?

    I don’t really have any ideas on who I think he should attempt next, but he should definitely keep up the great work!

  • Madison

    That’s pretty awesome. Of course, I’d love to see a Samus.

  • Man this is wonderful…Share some of your work at
    dormroomz.com ArtRoom Section