15 Religious Video Games You’d Totally Play

Once again our favorite forum members over at Something Awful drew up some master pieces.    In this latest photoshop contest, artists were asked to create religious video game covers.   But not crappy lame ones that exist today.   You may or may not know that true religious video games exist.

Unfortunately they have zero action, are way too preachy, and don’t exactly embody video game culture that we see today.   However, these “new” covers show games that our new more “vibrant” video game lovers would approve of.

Check out these 15 titles…..

  • Emanon

    Whether it was intentional or not, El Shaddai is not Photoshopped…this is a real deal game with religious figures as the main characters.

  • truant

    thetanquest wins. and yes, el shaddai is real.

  • Yautja

    First one should have been called “Jesus Christ: Dino-Rider”. I’d buy it.

  • samuel

    you’re crazy if you think those games will be made.