14 of the Coolest Custom Guitar Hero Guitars and Mods


Yesterday, we showed you 14 of the coolest custom Xbox controllers and mods.  Keeping with that theme – sort of – I decided to find custom Guitar Hero guitars and mods.  I noted that for me, a custom controller isn’t really big deal.  So long as it’s wireless, I’m good to go.  A Guitar Hero guitar, though, should be more of a personal item.  I think you’d want to have some sort of alter-ego or identity when shredding in front of the television, and a custom, unique guitar that perfectly fits your style.  Some very creative people must have had the same thought, hence these very cool custom Guitar Hero guitars and mods.  Enjoy.

Saxophone Hero:


KISS Guitar Hero:


Very cool skin:


Rocket summer, anyone?


An angular axe:


Sold at a charity auction for over a G:


Gotta love the lights:


Of course there’s a Hello Kitty theme, but what’s with the Wii controller?


The Flaming Lips get in on the action:


Banjo Hero:


A couple of Zelda-themed guitars:


A monstrous customization:


Trumpet Hero:


  • Josh

    I want to see a Cowbell Hero controller mod. I need more cowbell.

  • I absolutely LOVE the idea of custom made guitars and these guitars look awesome! I recently saw a website that was promoting children’s custom made guitars. The website is: http://www.coolkidguitars.com. What a great Christmas gift idea!
    Thank you!

  • Xin

    I believe the wii controller in the hello kitty guitar is because it’s for the wii…

  • xXburekXx

    the local music store here sells real guitars but they are the controllers for guitar hero just like the one sold at the auction on the list

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  • joaquin

    estan superpadres!!!!

    bye saludos.

    By: Joaquin P.A.L.=:-p

  • Skatino

    Lol The ” Guitar Hero EDS-1275″ !