12 Video Games Acted Out in Real Life

jessie v ash

Pikachu is not amused.

It seems that entirely too often, people wonder what it would be like to see their favorite video games in real life. This results in a nearly infinite number of fan-made videos of varying levels of quality. I’ve done my best to find 12 great ones that span Mario Bros. to Portal. It’s abudantly clear that I’ve probably missed a large number, so feel free to leave your favorites in the comments. Ready…start!

1) Donkey Kong


An elaborate set-up. It’s great, except for the guys laughing like dumbasses on the ground.

2) Half Life 2


The best first person shooter real-life adaptation I could find.

3) Guitar Hero


It’s been debated whether or not this is a professionally made promotional video, but it’s still awesome regardless.

4) Pac man


Leave it to the Japanese to do this exceptionally well.

5) Mario Kart


I just saw this in the last few days. Pretty funny, especially once the cops come.

6) Tetris


It’s kind of a hipster, indie film version of Tetris. If you want a more exciting, bikini-fied version, go here.

7) Mario Bros.


You’ve probably seen this, but that doesn’t make it less awesome.

8 ) Pokemon


Who doesn’t love backyard wrestling Pokemon? Hitmonchan is great.

9) Grand Theft Auto IV


There were a lot of stupid GTA parodies, but I thought this was different and well edited. They could have done more, but the guy who plays Niko is dead on.

10) Portal


I was skeptical at first, but it gets pretty good. That gun looks great too.

11) World of Warcraft


The lag part is especially hilarious.

12) Street Fighter


Some truly great video editing here.

If I could live out any game in real life, it would be The Sims. Oh wait…


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