12 of the Best Video Game Easter Eggs

Yes, Easter was yesterday, but since we don’t really post on weekends, I figure one day late isn’t going to be the end of the world here.

I may be too old for Easter Egg hunts in real life, but that’s not the case for video game titles. Developers often hide secret little surprises in their games meant for intrepid players to uncover. They often add little to the game itself, but they’re fun when you find them, and I thought I’d do a video collection of some of the better ones I know about.

I’m sure I forgot your favorite one, so feel free to post a video link in the comments.

1. System Shock 2 – The Macarena


Damn, I forgot how old this game really was for the Macarena to have been popular.

2. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Guy Savage


Based on a cancelled Konami game. Think they made the right call.

3. Jedi Knight – Finding Max


Perhaps it’s better not to find him…

4. Perfect Dark – The Cheese


Served no purpose, but was strangely rewarding when found in every level.

5. God of War – Phone Call


Break two statues, get secret code, call number, get this.

6. Halo – Siege of Madrigal


A very subtle easter egg, but a good one nonetheless.

7. Mega Man X – Hadouken


Kind of a lot of work. He should at least say “Hadouken.”

8. Grant Theft Auto: Vice City – The Literal One


It says “Happy Easter.”

9. Mass Effect 2 – Legion Does the Robot


No one needs to teach Legion how to Dougie.

10. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – The Chris Houlihan Room


Winner of a Nintendo contest.

11. Batman: Arkham Asylum – The Secret Office


So secret. the developers had to tell people about it after no one ever found it.

12. Saint’s Row 2 – The Easter Bunny


Seems like an appropriate one to end on.


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