14 of the Coolest Custom Xbox Controllers and Mods


Personally, I’m just fine sitting back and playing Xbox with any old wireless controller.  So long as it fits in my hand properly, the buttons are where they’re supposed to be, and all the buttons work, I’ll be just fine.  It doesn’t matter what my controller looks like.

There are a lot of creative people for whom the controller does matter, though.  And if they think the standard controller isn’t good enough, they’ll customize or mod it, sometimes with spectacular results.   It’s tough to not be impressed by some of the customizations and mods I found, which you can view after the jump.  Enjoy 14 of the coolest custom Xbox controllers and mods:

One-handed controller:


More one-handedness:


Hummer custom controller:


This is actually a PS3 controller customized to look like an Xbox one:


Carbon fiber sweetness:


Pimped out:


Arcade style:


Sweet paint job, breh:


A very colorful Spyro controller:


Dig the lights:


This would just make me uncomfortable:


The Super Advantage Xbox controller:


I think this one is sick:


More cool lights:


  • ComfortableMadness

    My head almost exploded after viewing the one with the d-pad on the far right. My world is forever changed.

  • General Tso

    The one with the keyboard isn’t a mod. It’s just an accessory you can buy from Microsoft. It’s still pretty cool though.

  • illeaturfamily

    The very last one and the carbon fiber ones were my favorites. That last one with the lights was reminiscent of case-mods with bands of neon light, in my opinion at least. Extremely cool looking to say the least.

    Did anyone else notice that the red and black one is backwards? Or is this just a normal controller for left handed people that I didn’t know about, or perhaps just a flipped image?

  • Madison

    @ ComfortableMadness

    I wouldn’t be able to play anything, ever. It’d be so awkward.

    @ General Tso

    Is that right? pretty sweet anyway, agreed.

    @ illeaturfamily

    Good catch on the red and black one…maybe it’s for lefties? I dunno.

    The last one reminds me to the phone that Axl smashes in the GNR video for “Patience.”

  • Xin

    You’d think the keyboard one would be sweet, however, as I own one, i can attest to the fact that it makes holding the controller pretty uncomfortable. The few times I’d use it I popped it on to do a message, then took it right back off again. It was a pretty big waste of money, but it came with a headset which is what i needed.

  • Xin

    And I’m guessing they turned that NES Super Advantage joypad into an x-box one? I can’t really see anything on it that would indicate that.

  • Madison

    @ Xin

    Yeah, that’s it exactly. Tough to tell from the pic, I guess.

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  • Teresa

    I’m pretty sure the last two on there are just from a company called Afterglow, they started out making PS2 controllers, and now have controllers for 360, PS3 and Wii.

    Also, yes the Orange and Black painted controller is a reversed image, the B button is backwards… and probably a Bengals fan…

    As Xin said, the keyboard one is not a real mod, it’s just an accessory. And he’s not kidding, it’s crap. Just use a USB keyboard.

  • bjkuyk

    thisis da BESTT! a real work of art ! way to go guys:) keep up the good work 😀

    ……….by the way PS3’sss are the bobm digidy!!!!!!!!!!!

    …… peace