10 Videos of Your Favorite Animated Characters Voiced in Real Life


I’ve seen pictures of faces of actors matched up with the animated characters they voice, but it’s MUCH more entertaining to see it in real time. That’s why I’ve assembled this collection of videos which show real life people voicing your favorite animated characters from TV and video games.

My personal favs are Pikachu and Mario, but nothing beats hearing Mark Hamill do his crazy Joker voice in real life. Check out the video collection below, and if you think I missed any good ones, feel free to let me know.

1. Pikachu


This one reallllly weirds me out. That sound does not in any way seem like it should come out of a person.

2. The Simpsons


I never get tired of hearing Dan Castenella do his Homer voice in person.

3. Aqua Teen


I always pictured the guy who voices Carl as looking exactly like Carl in real life.

4. Mario


He’s not Asian? Really?

5. Futurama


Bender singing about the San Diego Chargers.

6. The Joker


Good lord, that’s amazing. I would just talk like that all the time.

7. Family Guy


We’ve all seen Seth Macfarlane do Peter and Stewie before, but still pretty cool.

8. Spongebob


For all the kids out there.

9. Dragonball Z



10. Mass Effect 2


Kind of a bummer that they don’t have male or female shepard, but still cool to see. I didn’t know Adam Baldwin was in the game.

  • omg..Mila Kunis doing Meg….niceeeee!

  • adangeus

    Amazing collection! The simpsons one really cracked me up!

  • zero

    I can’t believe no one has posted a comment on this list. It’s badass!

    I love the DBZ behind the scene. It cracks me up what these guys say about dubbing for anime, it’s alot of screaming. LOL.

    And a last note, the chick playing Miranda looks just like the character in the game except she’s blond. I thought that was interesting.

  • hah, this was supposed to go up tomorrow. You guys got a sneak peek!

  • Winston Bull

    My goodness, the chick doing the Pikachu voice is adorable(in spite of, or maybe perhaps mostly because of the voice).

  • les

    It’s funny when everyone laughed at Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpson) speak because that is her real voice.

  • zero

    I forgot to include in my previous post, where’s South Park? You can’t have a behind the scene anime/cartoon list without South Park…

  • Blargmanus

    Miranda looks like Yvonne because the character was altered after she came in for her recordings. The producers decided that the voice and the character’s features didn’t mesh will together so they had her face scanned and animated for the character.

  • drainDog

    cool list of characters. http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com is the same as this but has way more actors. its all pics and clips

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  • haha, dragonball z was such an awesome show

  • John

    I can’t believe that Billy West was left off of the list.

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  • toth

    Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin? All they need is Zachary Levi and it’s a “Chuck” video game.

  • My favorite piece of Aqua Teen Hunger Force voice trivia is that Tom Scharpling from The Best Show does the voice of Willie Nelson the attic spider.

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  • Xin

    Yeah, MC Chris!

  • Xin


    You’ll find, of course, that in the Film/video game industry, networking is a serious part of the business. Once you find someone that you work really well with, you generally stick together. If you look at IMDB and look at the things people work on, you can find a lot of times they’re working with the same people on very different project.

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  • the aqua teen one is the best

  • On Mass Effect 2…

    Um, Adam Baldwin isn’t in the game. That’s Martin Sheen.

  • Rin

    Adam made a Serenity reference. Woot.