10 of the Most Widely Believed Video Game Urban Legends

Growing up, in the days before the internet answered all our questions, video game urban legends flew around from kid to kid like a virus. Before there was any real way to verify whether these things were actually true, we had to take the word of our friend who “swears his cousin could do it.”

Many of these urban legends I tried for myself to uncover when I was younger, and sadly all of them turned out to be hoaxes. But some were so prevalent in the mythology of the games, that it was decided they should be included in future installments. As for the rest? The fabled Gameshark was able to recreate most of them if you did enough hacking, though that doesn’t really count.

Some of these games are old school, some less so and we should have known better, but all the stories are legends in their own right.

1. Finding the Triforce in Ocarina of Time

Ever since an early trailer for the Ocarina of Time showed Link finding the Triforce, players were convinced it was hidden in the game somewhere. Nevermind that Nintendo said they scrubbed that part of the game out completely, we were determined it was there somewhere.

There were a number of crazy ways detailed on how to find the triforce, and many of them are listed and tested here, at this really old site that’s clearly been around for over a decade. Here’s an example of one of the methods of finding it.

1. okay go to the middle of Hyrule field ( right in the middle ) and set two bombs.

2. after they explode go up to death mountain into the hot place near the fairy

3. go to the right as far as you can go and play the zelda song

4. leave the cave and then get the owl to take you to the village

5. jump off the house and go to the grave yard and into Dampe’s house

6. read his dairy, if you have done it right it should read : gone fishin

7. go to lake Hyrule and catch two big fish, consecutivly.

8. run to town and get into the court yard. If you did this right it should be there. the real blue fairy gives it to you.

All the methods involved a series of events equally as ridiculous, and surprise, none of them actually worked. But that didn’t stop most of us from trying them over and over anyway. “Oh maybe we just did a step wrong!” Or maybe the phrase “internet troll” just wasn’t invented yet.


2. Unlock Sonic and Tales in Smash Bros Melee

This all started as an April Fools joke from Electronic Gaming Monthly, but over time it snowballed into what people thought was a legitimate way to unlock Sonic and Tails in Super Smash Bros. Melee for Gamecube.

The trick was to defeat 20 or more wireframe opponents in Cruel Melee and the duo would be yours. Well die hard players tried it and one Japanese player KO’d 565 wireframes with Pikachu, and one Danish guy allegedly killed 10,000 wireframes with Samus disproving the rumor in the most thorough way possible. That’s like someone saying if you jump on a certain rock in Halo 100 times you can play as Cortana, and so someone jumps on it 50,000 times and says “guys it’s not true!” Thanks man, we got it.

Sonic was available in the next Smash Bros. installment, but unfortunately Tails is nowhere to be found. Not yet at least.


3. Find Mew Under a Truck in Pokemon Red/Blue

When I was a young preteen, this is one urban legend I slaved over for ages, and try as I might, I could not pull poor Mew out from under that damn truck. Here’s the official steps as to how you should go about trying:

Once you defeat Misty, trade with someone a Pokémon that already knows cut from another game. Then continue the game without going on the SS Anne and get HM02 (fly) and HM03 (surf) as you go. Once gotten both fly and surf, go back to where the SS Anne is. Go right to where the screen switches and you see the ship itself. You will be on the boardwalk that leads to the ship. Surf off to the right until you see a strip of land with a truck on it. People have said that if you move the truck with strength, you will find Mew.

Of course, none of this worked, but this was definitely the exactly legend that was passed around when I was younger. There were many secrets like this in the game that WERE true (Missingno anyone?) but Mew was alas not (legitimately) in the game. Only through Gameshark could you actually unlock the little psychic feline.


4. The Secret Base in Goldeneye’s Dam Level

It was rumored that there was a secret in the initial level of N64’s Goldeneye. Head to the final dam area, grab a sniper rifle, peer across the lake and there would be a secret base that somehow you could access. The rumors ranged that on that base were secret enemies and hidden weapons, the likes of which you couldn’t find anywhere in the game.

The base was there alright, it was visible as plain as day. But the getting there part? Not going to happen. Turns out the base was a different section of the level at one point, but it was cut from the game and programmers just left the code in a spot that was inaccessible to players. No secret tunnel would ever lead you there.

But enter Gameshark, and it allowed players to travel to the mysterious location where they would find…nothing. No glorious weapons, nor fearsome enemies, just an abandoned base that was much more mysterious from far away.

5. Finding Leatherface/Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This was another rumor that I tried for hours to uncover. I went with the Leatherface variant of the legend, but some said that Bigfoot was also able to be spotted in the forests of San Andreas.

The Leatherface tale said that if you were in a lumber mill in the middle of the map at exactly midnight, you would hear the revving engine of Leatherface’s chainsaw, and if you waited long enough, he would come out of the woods and kill you. It seemed plausible as the chainsaw was in the game, and why wouldn’t Rockstar put that easter egg in?

Well I parked my car at 12:00 AM, hopped out and listened. It was raining, and I ran around the camp trying to hear this mystical chainsaw, as I headed back to my car, I heard it. The humming engine of what had to be Leatherface coming to kill me. Chills rolled up my spine, as I spun around to locate him. A minute passed. Then five, then ten. He wasn’t coming, and I looked and realized that the engine sound I heard was that of my own truck, a sound I only heard when I had returned to stand next to it.

Leatherface (and Bigfoot) weren’t in the game, and only appeared through PC mods later on as seen above.

6. You Can Get the Ice Key in Banjo Kazooie

This one bugged the hell out of me when I was younger. After you beat the big bad witch what’s-her-face in Banjo Kazooie, something very strange happened. There was a video showing something mysterious happening in three levels. On the island level, a formerly tiny rock jutted up, revealing an entrance that wasn’t previously there. In the sand level, a remote door in a wall that served no purpose before was sudden opened. In the ice level, a frozen barrier melted and revealed an entrance to a secret room.

In the video, it showed Banjo and Kazooie entering these formerly inaccessible locations and finding mysterious treasures inside. None was more mysterious than the giant ice key however, as it was something you were able to observe previously in the game, but just simply could not get to it, no matter how hard you tried. When you went back and played the levels after you beat the game, all the locations were still inaccessible, including the ice key that was tantalizingly out of reach.

There was no way to get to it, it turned out, although through (yet again) Gameshark, you could warp through the wall and grab the key, which Kazooie advises you to “save for later.” These secret locations and keys did come into play again, but not years later in Banjo-Tooie, but I had long since lost interest in the series and its mysteries.

7. It’s Possible to Revive Aeris in Final Fantasy VII

This rumor was spawned out of a million gamers heartbroken at the scene in Final Fantasy VII where Aeris meets her tragic end. Almost immediately rumors started that there was a way to revive her, and use her again in future battles.

The legend said that an “Underwater Materia” could be found in the game and used to revive her, and that a new FMV (full motion video) in the American version of the game was surely a scene where Aeris was brought back to life. In reality, the materia was just used in a fight against Emerald Weapon and the FMV was just to showcase new weapons.

Aeris stays dead unless you bust out your Gameshark, and it’s really wise to just accept the loss for what it is, a virtual heartbreak of epic proportions.


8. Sheng Long in Street Fighter II

The origin of Shen(g) Long is a rather elaborate tale, and one that I even barely fully understand.  It’s apparently the combined result of a mistranslation in one of the games lines and a series of April Fools jokes from Electronic Gaming Monthly. Man they were good at creating these kinds of rumors. Didn’t anyone ever look at the date of the issue?

The mistranslation went as follows. When Ryu defeats his opponent, he would often say “You have to defeat Shen Long to stand a chance,” through some faulty Japanese, this had been mistranslated from “If you cannot overcome my Rising Dragon Punch, you cannot win!”

Fuel was further added to the fire, when Sheng Long was listed as Ryu and Ken’s teacher in the English manual of Street Fighter 2, and then EGM made the entire thing explode when they published an elaborate story on how to unlock the secret character in game.

The character never existed at all, but eventually Capcom brought a version of him into the game which they named Gouken. Another example of legend creating reality.


9. The Cow Level in Diablo

Ah yes, the infamous Cow Level in Diablo. In the original game there appeared a cow that served no real purpose in the game. Naturally, like all mundane mysterious objects in games, a rumor was started that the cow was actually a portal to a secret cow level, when clicked on the right number of times.

Well Blizzard found this (untrue) legend so entertaining, they decided to actually  include the cow level in Diablo 2, as you can see above. It serves as mostly a paradise for people who want to level up quickly, and many characters are built specifically to maximize their cow killing potential. If you think slaughtering cows would be easy, there’s a lightning enchanted King Cow that would have to disagree with you.

No word on a possible cow level being developed for Diablo 3, but I have to imagine they’ll include some form of the classic bonus level in there somewhere.


10. The Tomb Raider Nude Code

This is perhaps the Holy Grail of all internet urban legends, the idea that somehow, some way, the right button combo would make Miss Lara Croft take her clothes off. The game had other codes, so surely the programmers must have been nice enough to include that one as well?

Nevermind that such an action would have caused the game to get pulled from practically every store in America after a flurry of complaints from angry parents, we really wanted to believe it existed, but alas, it did not.

But once mods became all the rage, naturally this was one of the first things this to be developed, and now practically every Tomb Raider game that has been released since the original has had some sort of nude mod attached to it. I’m sure it would be considered hot if I were still eleven years old, but at point it’s just kind meh.


  • JZ

    MK for SNES. Sonya naked code. Dialed up AOL/prodigy (remember that one?) and searched for hours finding the code, trying whatever I found for weeks.

  • Myrmidon16

    actually there was a way to get mew in red/blue. it was a glitch that if you caught the sight of a certain trainer, quickly pressed select and flew away before the battle started, and then entered another area from where you flew to, you would run into mew. apparently you could do this with all the trainers, but different pokemon for each.

    also, you could get the ice key in banjo kazooie. in treasure trove cove’s sand castle, if you put in a certain code on the floor, the ice key and around 10 or so colorful question mark eggs became available in areas you couldn’t get to before, like the island in the cove and the ice key spot.

    other than that, good article.

  • skikes

    You can get mew without a gameshark. He’s in the coding, you just have to take advantage of a glitch but… is it still a legitimate pokemon?

  • Chris

    I had mew in pokemon red using the trainer sight fly and surf the island glitch. It worked, and I have done it twice. There were a lot of other stupid claims though like you could catch charmander, bulbasaur, and squirtle there… I never did and I played a lot of pkm red. Anyways, mew was there, and is there. Do it a few hundred times and eventually you will catch one too. Until you have done it many times though, don’t claim it to be false as skikes says, he’s in the coding, and as I said, using the rare candy/masterball multiplier glitch, you will catch him.

  • IcemanD

    A buddy and I tried for hours to access that damn cow level.

    So, what was our final conclusion when we couldn’t find?

    Oh no, not that it must not exist…we must have either had a defective copy or an earlier release.

    Because, clearly, the rumor MUST be true…

  • Hallo457


    You reminded me of this series, it basically debunks (or proves) video game myths. Good article Tassi.

  • hector19

    Apologies, but getting the Ice Key in Banjo-Kazooie is no more an urban legend than getting Magus on your team in Chrono Trigger. Just pound NOWYOUCANSEEANICEICEKEYWHICHYOUCANHAVEFORFREE into the floor of the sandcastle and you can collect it any time you wish.

    Now, it doesn’t DO anything, at all, but that’s a different matter.

    You can get Mew without a Gameshark too by exploiting a glitch, but the Ice Key isn’t even a glitch, it’s programmed right into the game.

  • MergedLoki

    I remember the golden eye ‘secret level’ thing. I tried that for hours when I was 12.

    Oh to have that patience again. I Love video games but now I can’t play em for more than.. maybe 2 or 3 hours at MOST straight without having to go do something else.

    Damn growing up lol

  • Icecream

    I remember trying for hours to get into that base in goldeneye . . . the version of the rumour said there was some kind of gravity gun, that i imagined would throw my enemies at each other, and, understandably, spent hours trying to procure.

    I also remember spending hours on Mariokart 64, because of a rumour that a blue shell fired directly at the doors of the castle in one of the levels (whichever one featured the castle) would allow you entry to the castle, and a demo of super mario 64 . . .

  • ZK3K3

    For the love of all things holy in this world, there is a Mew in Pokemon Red. I found him myself, and it’s a bit of a tricky method, in which you have to go to Lavender, find the gambler before the tunnel that leads to…fuck, the megacity (this is a LONG time ago.) and press start as soon as you walk into his sight range, fly to the Misty’s city, and when you get on the bird to fly, a little exclamation mark will come up and he’ll see you, but you’ll still fly to Misty’s city (but your start menu will no longer work) you have to walk up the passageway leading to that other dude’s house, Gary or Ben I think his name was, straight north from the city core. In the area above there, there are a bunch of trainers…if you did the game right, then there will be a trainer that you didn’t face yet…you’d have to hug the wall, so he sees you and walks towards you, fights you, and after that your start button will work again. Fly back to Lavender, and as soon as you reach the Route that takes you back to where you originally started this madness, your start menu will pop up. Press B to close the start menu, and you will automatically be thrown into a battle (yeah, i know, there’s no grass there. Fucking insane.) and it’s mew.

    I know it sounds really shady and shit, but god strike me down if it’s untrue. I pushed the truck at the S.S. Anne, it’s not under there (involved some skullduggery where you get yourself killed on the SS Anne so they transport you back to the medic center, so that the boat never registers you as having left it!)

    I had already given up on everything, when i found that post on a long forgotten pokemon thread on the internet. I had some time to kill on a roadtrip, so i figured “What the fuck, it’ll kill some time.” I guess a lot of people just wrote it off as being mindless skullfuckery, because it never really gained a lot of momentum – but the Pokemon guys at the events needed a way to consistently get Mew, to trade it off, without having a Gameshark handy. To think, that the pokemon guys would have to hack their own game, to trade it off to another lucky kid? No way – it’s a way to get Mew for themselves and to trade it off at Pokemon events (which was the only “official” way to get Mew). All they would need to do, was follow the above, and then just trade and rinse and repeat. If you guys still have a working copy of Red or Blue, try it out – you can call me on it if i’m lying. It’s one hell of a tripout…to know that it was there the entire time.

  • rxs

    IcemanD, I guarantee you the Cow Level exists in Diablo 2. Not in D1 though. I used it incessantly to level up and score good loot. We would literally go in and out of Cow game servers four hours and hours just to cash in.

  • dp

    you actually can get to the secret base in goldeneye. i read about it, and the article i happened to read gave instructions that actually worked. it involved the ladder near one of the guard towers, and walking somewhere that you normally wouldn’t be able to walk (like, instead of going down the ladder, walking around the side of the tower, in the air.) when you got there though, it was disappointing. the base didn’t even have edge detection. it was just graphics.

  • chrisbg99

    I was familiar with several of those though I can’t say I attempted any of them.

    But I do remember one for being able to play as Simon Belmont in TMNT2 for the NES which involved a damned near impossible series of button presses if I remember right.

  • LX

    What, no jumping over the flagpole in Super Mario Brothers? My neighbor had this Candian girlfriend (you wouldn’t know her) who totally jumped over the flagpole in Super Mario Brothers.

  • GetALife

    Who cares, you nerds need to get a life. Have any of you actually dated a girl? All you guys need to drop the controller/keyboard and get out of moms basement and live a little. Disclaimer, when you walk outside and that big yellow glowing thing in the sky blinds you have no fear, we call that the sun, trust me it is supposed to be there, you wont find a cheat code to turn it off!

    • Madison

      What’s a girl?

  • Swenka

    The glitch to obtain Mew, as described by ZK3K3, works. Though, after I traded to my Silver Version, the game crashed shortly after and now won’t save. No idea if they are related though, becasue I DID use the cloning glitch on it a lot.

  • Zooks

    Are you stupid rxs?
    IcemanD is talking about Diablo 1.
    FFS, everyone knows there is a Cow Level in Diablo 2.

  • Tony

    I remember getting mew on mr pokemen red cart at a booth that nintendo took around australia. You took your gameboy cart in and they traded you a mew when it was plugged into the booth, definitely no myth or glitch there.

  • Chris

    Hey awesome list! But what about the golden warthog in Halo 2?!

  • Toby

    How to get Mew in Red/Blue without codes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkF7Xjxn9jc

  • NoeP

    What about duke nukem?? LAND OF BABES LEVEL! Or whatever it was…

  • thisguy

    @madison i think they’re those things with the vaginas and boobies. but im not totally sure

    • Madison

      Sounds icky.

  • Rubix

    Anyone remember the Bill’s secret Garden legend for Pokemon Red/Blue?

    I had my hopes and dreams set on that one T_T

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  • Wow, had no idea about the Mew glitch or the Banjo Kazooie codes. My mind is blown.

  • Man, you have no idea how disappointed I was when I found out that there was no cow level. πŸ™

  • Tomb Raider Nude Code was best lol

  • I know an interesting one.

    When I was at school, there was an urban legend surrounding Duke Nukem 3D. A friend of mine once claimed that someone told him there was a secret cheat in the game.

    This cheat was “DNLIPSTICK”. If you typed it in correctly while in the Red Light District strip club area, Duke would allegedly be able to have sex with one of the strippers.

    Try as I might, I wasn’t ever able to get this code to work, despite trying different ways of typing it in. Reckon it was just a prank.

  • @LX The Mario flagpole thing isn’t an urban legend. There was a video that Kotaku put up a couple of months back of someone jumping over it on a level (doesn’t actually do anything). Nice attempt at a troll, though. :p

    I love how most of the comments are people trolling with repudiations of the hoaxes by expanding on the hoaxes and touting them as true (cross my heart). XD

    Game cheats that work are great; but urban legends can just be frustrating when you are young and gullible. Discovering easter eggs in game, however, definitely made up for the false rabbit trails we often went down.

    I remember the Duke Nukem 3D one (about having sex with prostitutes), hahaha. There were a lot of rumours and hearsay surrounding so many different games that this list doesn’t do our entire childhood justice. πŸ™‚

  • BigEyeGuy

    Cow level in diablo 1 was real… i assure you

  • Kate

    My parents were against video games (I know, right?!), but my sisters and I did eventually get a N64 and Banjo-Kazooie (Banjo-Tooie as well, actually). I was just frustrated by the various little things (like the Ice Key) that you could get in both games, but they didn’t actually DO anything. It wasn’t as bad in BT, but it was really annoying in BK.

    Oh, and GetALife and other trolls like it – nope, I’ve never dated a girl. But that’s because I am one.

  • APerfectStranger

    Remember the Starcraft code: thereisnocowlevel? Level skip cheat FTW

  • Coelacanth

    Reviving General Leo in Final Fantasy VI (III). Supposedly you have to go to the Dinosaur Forest in the World of Ruin and fight a thousand dragons, after which you’ll fight a really strong Gold Dragon who drops a revival potion. If you use it on Leo’s grave he’ll come back.

    Considering the amount of secrets in that game (Gogo, Yeti, Cursed Shield, Shadow’s identity), this one didn’t seem too far-fetched for my ten year old self. Thankfully I never wasted my time trying to do it.

  • sumo

    what no nod to the infamous street fighter guile “handcuffs”? i used to love doing that as a kid and watch everyone pick up their quarters from the screen cause we couldnt use the machine anymore unless the arcade worker reboot the machine.. hahaha classic..

  • I think the pokemon capture code is much more widely believed than that mew thing… People to this day (mostly children) still think that holding down some special combination of buttons (usually includes holding down the up button) while the wild pokemon is in the pokeball will help it get caught easier. I hear that a lot and I’m pretty sure it’s not true.

  • Wait wait wait… Holding up and B while the pokeball is shaking DOESN’T make it more likely to be caught?
    And here I got through this article priding myself on not falling for any of these!

  • ZK3K3

    The pokeball thing was never true. But, that whole glitch as described by me above, in order to catch mew, can also be done to catch any other pokemon in the entire game. You just have to google how exactly it works…it’s quite a bit of skullduggery to understand for most people i think, but it involves hexadecimal codes in reference to pokemon stats, and regarding the last trainer you faced.

    The Mew was always in the game…I transferred mew over to my pokemon stadium game at the time, before losing my pokemon red and blue, plus my gameboy to a thunderstorm. For those of you who have it still, laying around, wondering if it’s true…I assure you, it’s like 7 minutes of your time, tops. Maybe less, if you’re fast. I was astonished, my mind was blown, etc etc. I used it to catch a Charmander and also a Tauros before the cartridges got wrecked. Pokemon days ftw.

    PS. No idea about Bill’s secret garden. That was a huge one back in the day as well, but I could never figure it out, even though everybody could see that there was a space behind his house. Probably a coding error?

  • Tasmanian devil

    I (and most likely many others) managed to jump the flagpole in Super Mario Bros, or it may have been The Lost Levels on All Stars. Unfortunately all that happens is you run past the background until time runs out.

  • Rich

    you youngsters….

    When I was a kid, it was rumored that Smurfette would get nekkid at the end of the Colecovision Smurfs game. Somehow we all knew that rumor, though no one had a freaking Colecovision.

  • Simon

    These were the sheer bane of my childhood.

  • Sami

    @GetALife: You get a life! You’re the one that clicked on this page, or are you so pathetic that you do stuff like that just to make people feel bad about themselves? Oh, and FYI, you’re right, I’ve never dated a girl before. That probably would be because I AM a girl, and a straight one at that! I love video games, but I also have a life, a boyfriend and friends I go clubbing with. Just because someone is a geek, nerd etc. (No offense to anyone!) does not mean they are a pathetic loser.

    But anyway, I am amazed at some of these. Of course I am 17, and have never heard of any of these…. However, stuff like this still exists. Just ask any die-hard Kingdom Hearts fan.

  • Rob

    In the early 90’s, my brother and I would play the original nes version of super mario bros. literally for HOURS AND HOURS (sometimes all day until dark and then some). Although I tried and tried, I was never able to jump the flagpole. The reason I even tried, however, was that I personally witnessed my brother do this on 3 seperate occasions. Although if I remember correctly, it just put mario in the castle as usual, and would give you the regular top of the flagpole bonus.

  • Oh FaSho

    @GetALife hey wait a minute…this “dating girl” you speak of…I have one of those…now suppose she wants to play video games and not go outside either? does that mean she needs to get a life too? or that you do? ~shakes my head~

  • Alice

    Are you completely retarded dude??? I have been to the Cow Level and know a lot of people who have been as well.

    Im sure some of these myths are not true, but others ARE true. Just because you haven’t reached any of them does not mean you have the right to claim that none of them are real.

  • You would be the retard who didn’t bother to read the post:

    “Ah yes, the infamous Cow Level in Diablo. In the original game there appeared a cow that served no real purpose in the game. Naturally, like all mundane mysterious objects in games, a rumor was started that the cow was actually a portal to a secret cow level, when clicked on the right number of times.

    Well Blizzard found this (untrue) legend so entertaining, they decided to actually include the cow level in Diablo 2, as you can see above. It serves as mostly a paradise for people who want to level up quickly, and many characters are built specifically to maximize their cow killing potential.”

  • Luigi!

    Omg i remember these!! Honestly almost gave me a mental breakdown when i was wee cos my older brother would always tell me that he had done them, but obviously wouldn’t show me how and severely taunted me about it :L i didnt have a computer back then either…och the days πŸ™‚ and hey I’m 16 and i STILL do the whole holding down B thing, but I think its just because I feel so helpless sitting there doing nothing I just need to do something to try and assist the catching of that rare pokemon that I spent hours looking for, yano?

  • Link

    Has anyone heard about the rumor about the stone tower temple being the tower of babel or something like that in the legend of zelda: majora’s mask? I don’t know why this is not mentioned here but people say there’s tons of secrets in that game,stuff about portals and titans mad at the goddesses,statues that resemble body parts that are blasphemus to the goddesses and upside down portals etc,etc. I played that game forever but never ever suspected this was going on inside the game,I did see lots of pillars and naked statues but never made nothing of it.I’m talking early 2000 ish,when the game first came out and you needed an expansion pack to play it on the nintendo 64 cause of the demanding content of the game. The regular one that came with the console couldn’t handle it so a swap was needed. This is not a troll attempt,you can check out the blogs,discussions and pictures that talk about this on the internet.

  • Stylzg

    I never heard the rumor about finding an intact Triforce in Hyrule on OOT. Doesnt even make sense! from what I recall in that epic game, you(Link) had one-thrid of the Triforce, as well as Zelda and Gannondorf, and the game made that pretty clear….from what I remember anyway. Good thing i wasnt really into the internet at that time, (im 28 yers old, lol)

  • Josh F

    I have Mew on Pokemon Red version, without using GameShark, but I don’t remember how. it was so long ago. The truck does spark a memory though?

  • Mewmew

    Uh. That truck thing? It kind’a does work. Back when Red/Blue was new, and I had started god-knows how many new games after finishing it, I eventually tried it. And got fought, and caught, Mew. How I did it, I’m not exactly sure. It was too long ago to remember.

  • silver

    i personaly have jumped over the flag pole in Super Mario Brothers i have done it multiple times

  • I remember looking for the Triforce in Legend of Zelda for so long.

  • thatotherdude

    i remember searching for the triforce in ocarina of time. i hadnt heard the rumor, but i played the first zelda game and the wind waker before playing ocarina of time and i was just certain that it had to be in there some damn where. i tried everything. i scoured the internet and did every ridiculous thing i could find. nothing worked.

    also theres was a time that i thought spyro the dragon was impossible to complete. there was one dragon and 12 treasure on a platform in dry canyon that i spent countless hours trying to get to. it took me(quite literally) 8 years(and 3 different copies of the game) to finally get it. (and even then it was only after i watched it be done on youtube.)

  • Matt

    Man there are more blatant trolls on this thread than in the Trollclaw ambush in Baldurs Gate 2. Next time I come to unrealitymag I’m bringing something enchanted with fire or acid.

  • cameron

    how about shooting the damn dog in duck hunt…. that was/is a big rumor

  • Some Guy From Canada

    I have a short attention span and didn’t read all the posts, so forgive me If some one already mentioned this one.

    Super Street Fighter 2 TURBO.

    Remember the Genesis SNES rivalry days? SNES got Street
    Fighter 2 then Genesis got SF2 Championship Edition Followed by SNES getting SF2 turbo.

    Turbo and Championship were basically the same game but I remember long arguments over which was better based largely arbitrary things and rumors “Turbo must be better, I mean it’s TURBO!” “NO WAY, you can only climb the fence with Vega in Championship!”, “TURBO’s faster!” etc….

    Later SNES got Super Street Fighter 2, seemingly crowning SNES king. Then we all started hearing the rumors that Super Street Fighter 2 TURBO was coming out, and it would be coming to the Genesis! OMG!

    By the end of 6th grade, when it never showed up, most of the kids I knew had decided that this game simply did not exist, and the next school year no one cared since everyone was talking about the upcoming n64.

    Ironic that the game ended up being a 3DO release, I mean back then most kids would have been like 3DO? What’s a 3DO?

    Anyone else hear the Rumor of Super Street Fighter 2 TURBO coming to the GENESIS?

  • andrew

    I was sad to see that none of the FF3 (FF6) stuff made it here. I remember that there were two elaborate things like this:
    1) Reviving General Leo – supposedly there was some long series of actions that would allow you to get a potion to revive him and get his awesome sword.
    2) Saving Shadow – again, if you slept in certain inns at certain times there was a chance that you would get a dream sequence (which did happen) and if you got all of them then Shadow wouldn’t sacrifice himself at the end.
    Man, did I waste a ton of hours on those two when I was a kid…

  • Zack

    Yeah there is a legit Mew glitch in Red and Blue.


  • Andy

    i have caught Mew twice in pokemon blue without the help of a gameshark. there is a very simple method one can use once you reach Cerulean City. the link below details the steps you must take, but if you follow them exactly you will enter a battle with Mew and actually have to battle and catch it. i suggest saving before you start the steps, just in case you actually end up knocking Mew out.

  • Michael

    I remember being blown away when i found out you COULD get the eggs and key in Banjo Kazooie.
    I had used cheats before, and thought i knew them all – and when finishing the game, got exited that i could get them in the next game…

    2 years later – Just get casually told you can get the key… though i only remember 3 items (Ice Key and 2 Eggs).

    I also remember the mew truck one. Fantastic, and really believable because there was an actual truck, in an area of the game that would for most people be impossible to get too.
    I ended up getting a cloned mew from a friend of a friend of a friend who went to a nintendo event.
    Of course it was level 100, and had 4 hm moves (Yay…)
    I then found out about the glitch, which made perfect sense, and worked (though it took 2 times), so i got my mew.

    Hmmm… I played goldeneye a lot, and looked at everything, but never noticed (that i remember) that secret area…

    Mario – I jumped over the pole on a level in the 3rd world i believe. It allowed me to continue running, though off the screen, and i died after running farther than the clock would allow me to come back from.

    I never heard the Sonic and Tails rumor for Smash Melee, but heaps about the Toad rumor. There was also shifty pictures that made it seem more believable.

    Also, in the first smash bros, the play as the master hand rumor. I tried many bullshit retarded methods to get this, never worked. Of course very easy with gameshark, and it turned out that it was actually possible, though required four controllers (and i don’t think the glitch was found till the wii was out).

    Every female game character had a nude rumor.

  • Jim

    The death of Aeris was just a rip-off of the death of ALYS in Phantasy Star! Thieves!

  • John

    In the megadrive game Sonic and Knuckles. There was a magazine once that ran a double-page article on ‘Rankles’, the secret character in the game, giving hints about where you might find him. The picture they showed of him looked a lot like a doctored version of a picture of Knuckles from elsewhere in the same magazine (just turned green and with spikes on his legs) and it made us suspicious, even as 11-year-olds. But we still spent time searching for him.

    The complete absence of any mention of him on the comprehensive ‘secrets of sonic team’ website, which examines the machine code of the games, makes clear that he never existed in any way, and I suspect he was invented as a creative way to fill a few empty pages in the magazine.

  • Meh

    @Myuu: Don’t worry, I’ve known that was fake for years, but I still do it out of habit. (And yes, I still occasionally play Pokemon for nostalgia-related reasons.)

  • Akita-ken

    What about that arcade game that made kids mental?

  • J-daug

    the article forgot Error Macro (Ermac) and Smoke from MK and/or (I can’t really remember which one) MKII, the developers totally turned those guys into real character due to the huge positive response from the fans to those rumors. Now if only they’d expand more on Tremor, make him like a geomancer ninja or something πŸ˜›

  • cas

    A true naked code or combo exists for the Sims 2. One day I was playing it and randomly my dude came out of the shower naked. I thought it was just a glitch so I used the dresser and got him dressed and tried it again. I was met by the same nude dude so I deleted him. XD

  • Math man

    One of the big things for the “Aerith can come back to life” is that she has unique dialog after her death. If you use gameshark to bring her back into your team, you can still see her in dialog and she says things none of the other characters say. That said it could be they decided to kill her midway through development or took out a way to revive her. As for why it would be translated, they probably just translated all the text without considering that it was needless dialog.

  • Aeris

    Aeris can actually be revived. You have to get her to Level 99 before her death and find a special item (I forgot the name which you have to make her equip as an accesory, you might find it on some website). You also have to have her Level 4 Limit Break too. What you do is play the game normally after meeting all of these pre-requisites and then go to the church in Midgar where you usually meet her ghost. She will revive there and rejoin you.

  • wondermanrules

    The one I remember the most that people went crazy with was the Unlock Akuma from Street Fighter in the original Resident Evil 2. PlayStation Magazine or Electronic Gaming Monthly printed this as an April Fools prank complete with screen shots of Akuma killing police zombies in the RPD.

    They said of you beat the game with a perfect ranking in both scenarios a certain number of times Akuma becomes unlockable. Even after it was revealed to be a prank people were still trying to get him unlocked in that game for years.

  • Dragon

    From what I remember the FF7 was that, you needed to do a “prefect convo” and have some item, but it only worked in the Japanese version of the game. And even if you had her, nothing really changed other than you can use her in fights.

  • chrism

    You don’t need a gameshark. Go to the cheat cavern and enter NOWYOUCANSEEANICEICEKEYTHATYOUCANHAVEFORFREE and the chamber opens. And nothing happens.

  • Flare

    Sonic R— Tails Doll Curse

  • Travis

    The cow level is not in itself included in Diablo 3, however there is a cow that when given a very expensively crafted blacksmithing staff will teleport you to a …special area.

  • joshua jones

    there was another one i tried to get in ocarina of time. it was the golden saddle for epona. it was suppose to let you go anywhere with her. like walk over water and stuff like that. what you were suppose to do was beat the runner from that tent in gerudo valley to the bridge at the entrance of kakiri forest without using the minuet of forest. no matter how many times i tried he would always have gotten there exactly one second before i did.


    Mew can be caught in red and blue pokemon without the gameshark but its a little complex to get it as you have to be able to fly and talk to the history guy and travel north ect, when you catch mew it will be a level 0


    hmmm a glitch or code 2 make lara naked that wouldnt work 4 meh cuz im a gurl and i would screem if that happend but a lot of codes dont work 4 tomb raider 2 be honest i still dont believe that the 1 when you r at laras house dosernt work even whn iv done it 1 be4 the 1 whn if u stand in the corner bit of the buildin thn turn a certain angle thn jump and u land on the roof evan thouge i did do it but i did a glitch without noing wich i died cuz meh and my bro waz on it and i waz running and jumping about the place whn i got 2 the corner whr u do tht glitch and i ran a jumped whn she jump right into the cornrr and thn went flyin into the sky and thn u just heard ths scream and she waz dead on the floor O_O

  • Derpy Hooves

    What about this one I heard from Caleb? “In any world with a cannon in New Super Mario Brothers, if you unlock it, it shoots you to world 5.” Pointless now, as I’m past world four, don’t care if that’s the best Easter Egg ever, I’m just curious. That would be helpful if i get a new disc for my new Wii. He tested it on a Wii, not a DSi, so I dunno if it’ll work on my DSi. A confirmed one (I tested it)
    is in Kirby Superstar Ultra, when you’re in the Old Tower area of The Great Cave Offensive, (I wouldn’t spoil it all!) There are extra areas. I dunno how this works, but somehow in Kirby Superstar Ultra (I am guessing if you beat every game before Milky Way Wishes?) Marx Soul doesn’t take as much to beat. Or maybe I’m just skilled. Before Marx Soul: β•š(β€’βŒ‚β€’)╝< OMG OMG |
    After Marx Soul: O_O < WOW. |

  • Ro

    One great rumor i wasted so much time on was getting a better saddle for epona, which I was told would give you extra carrots to dash with. It involved the barn door next to the race track in Lon Lon Ranch. I only vaguely heard of it, but i tried bombing the door (so many boms), shooting it with all the arrow types (so many arrows), run into it on and off of Epona, hookshot, roll into it, play all the songs (i thought Saria’s song would do it for sure), slingshot, pour stuff on the door, let a fairy go into the door, wear the mask of truth, and use the lens of truth. AND did it all as a child and adult. I wanted it pretty bad lol.

    Then there was the hole in the water of Zora’s Domain. when you first enter, jump straight into the water. There’s a platform you could stand on. Well, between the platform and the wall there’s a hole at the bottom of the water. I was convinced there was something down there. I thought you could get there as an adult if you melted the ice and used the iron boots to get down.

  • Mark

    Nude radier is to awesome not to be true. It has to be true!!

  • Captain Wow

    If Leatherface wasn’t in GTA San Andreas, then who was that dude who came after my buddy with a chainsaw when he crashed his biplane near the lumber mill at midnight? O_O

  • christian

    I got a mew one kinda like that but it was much more detailed and involved a lot of flying and finding mew when you get to some place at the end. took me forever but it worked but sadly I can’t remember what I had to do.

  • Alex Poirier

    actually you can find mew with a glitch around lavender town and it works. Have done it and it’s on youtube

  • Robert Pollock

    just like when you get smurfette to take her clothes off…hahaha…