10 of the Best Wii Parody Videos


People give the Wii a lot of shit, and in my estimation, it’s well deserved. Though it has its decently good titles (all starring Mario in one form or another), it will always be just a collection of minigames to me. And because of that fact, combined with its “revolutionary” motion sensing technology, it’s wide open to be parodied by anyone with a camera and a sense of humor.

Here are ten of the best examples I could find:

1) Wii Breakfast


If Nintendo could sell you 80 additional accessories for a game, they would.

2) Shii, for Women


Prepare to be exceptionally offended. It’s from overseas if that helps…

3)  Wii Sex


Questionable, but I like when he starts playing tennis with her.

4) Wii Fit Parody


Sometimes all you need is a good voiceover.

5) Wii Life


I just like this one because of the guy’s face.

6) Watch Where You Take Your Remote


In my estimation, one of the best ones.

7) Everyday (The Wii is Gone)


It’s Dave Matthews + Wii! Two things I hate all in one!

8 ) Wii Dishwashing


For males AND females thank you very much.

9) Hi, I’m a Wii


I would say it would be more accurate if the Wii was an eight year old girl instead of a bikini model.

10) Rejected Wii Titles


I figured CollegeHumor would have a Wii video somewhere. But why aren’t they using an actual Wiimote? Weird.

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