10 Modern Warfare 2 Record Setting Special Ops Speed Runs


As much as I love Modern Warfare 2, I have to say, I kind of suck at Special Ops mode. Despite my prowess in multiplayer, I can’t even unlock the last set of challenges in Spec Ops, and it’s kind of depressing. When searching for people who were way better than me at it, I came across these videos which allege to show world record setting times for some of the missions.

Now, I have no way of verifying if any of these are in fact THE world record for whatever mission, but most of them are pretty damn impressive to watch nonetheless. I was most stunned by the insane 19 second Pit time, which supposedly bests the previous record by a full three seconds. The times of the others range from three seconds (really) to three minutes, but all are pretty epic runs. Watch below:

Evasion – 41.5 seconds


The Pit – 19.55 seconds


Breach and Clear – 13 seconds


Body Count – 3.5 seconds


Bomb Squad – 1:26.2 seconds


High Explosive – 1:05 seconds


Terminal – 35.8 seconds


Overwatch – 2:01 seconds


Hidden – 3:47.6 seconds


World’s Fastest Nuke – 1:30 seconds


Alright, so this one is not a Spec Ops mission, but awesome and fast nonetheless.

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  • aaron

    lol my brother plays spec ops with his friend all the time and unlocked everything

  • Michael james

    the guy who got the nuke should be banned… hes using a modded controller, look at his fire rate on the pistol at the end of the game.

  • Jess Woods

    Wow, what a trip down memory lane that was! Amazning.


  • CriscoCube

    Holy shit, thats a nice nuke. The other team are all idiots though, they come up to his camping spot over and over and over, they coulda just threw a grenade in.

  • Screw this

    And that, folks, is what happens when you have regenerative health in first person shooters.

  • Cody

    Fail @ the guy who said he uses a modded controller…
    Either you never seen a trigger finger, or you’re fast to accuse someone of cheating.

    I shoot ALOT faster, and I don’t use a mod. You’re just all emo because you always die from douches who know how to shoot (:

  • sam

    i dont understand how those people are able to just run through the levels like that on veteran i have beaten all the missions myself on veteran but it took for ****in ever cause one or two bullets are almost guaranteed to kill you

    and yes Fail @ the guy who says its a modded controller sorry your not that quick

  • blank

    Some of those do look fishy though. For being on veteran mode he takes little to no damage plus the enemy aim is horrible. I could easily play this on easy mode and then edit the last few seconds when the score comes up using Adobe Premier=/

  • lol

    the bomb defusing one is total bullshit

    his health came back too quickly.

    and also unless these are done on a ps3 or xbox i call HAX

    id never play this game on pc – cant trust anything.

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  • PlasmoidKnight

    Those are nice, but there’s only 2 that I, personally, would accept as world records… the videos of Body Count and Terminal. Those are 2 of the 3 videos you posted that’s actually on XBOX (which actually takes skill to play and can’t be easily modded… no offense to anyone on PC). S.S.D.D. (The Pit) is all about aiming, which is a lot easier on PC since you have you hand and wrist controlling your aim instead of just a thumb, which is why that is a world record, but not one that would be widely accepted by us console gamers. Evasion and Overwatch were beaten using sprint-jumping, which is a PC only glitch. I’ve played Breech & Clear countless times, and I know you can’t sprint that long on the consoles.

  • PlasmoidKnight

    The two other big things that I want to point out are Bomb Squad and the nuke. The Bomb Squad video is on PC, and he obviously changed the game files for faster health regeneration, extremely inaccurate AIs, and faster movement (you can tell by how the time is running and guns are shooting at normal speed, but he can somehow sprint past everyone without taking any damage). The nuke wasn’t obtained in 1:30… look at the score when the video starts (8 to 7), which mean the game had been going for at least 30 seconds to a minute. Plus, you’ll never spawn where he is when the video start, at least not in that direction (you’ll always spawn facing the bridge). The timing on the nuke doesn’t even really matter… I got my 10 in a weekend a while ago, and I still can’t even figure out how… :p

    Anyways, just for reference, here are my fastest recorded runs on S.S.D.D. (The Pit) and Breach & Clear, respectively…

    And here is a slightly slower Breach & Clear run, but with annotations explaining how I play the level…

  • Bleep Bloip

    I did Terminal in 34.65 seconds after seeing that video, but its like they said, might not be the world record, and I’m sure it can be done faster then when I did it.

  • Anonamous

    I just Beat A spec ops, Breach and Clear in record time probably i did it in 27.15 Seconds and it was on veteran it took me a few attempts but i did it in the end!

  • PlasmoidKnight

    I just tried Terminal yesterday using that technique and got an even 36 second on my second run. Good job getting 34.65. I always lose a couple seconds on the escalator at the start. 😀

    And “Anonamous”, watch my Breach & Clear video at the end of the post 2 above yours. And it’s spelled “anonymous”.

  • bananaspy

    Breach and Clear is definitely legit, I ran that one in 18 seconds on Xbox because I couldn’t beat it any other way, hah. I was pretty impressed with the run on Hidden, he showed me some things I didn’t realize could be done (like the triple kill out of the church window). There’s another triple kill you can get on that stage as well from the three guards after the first set of ghillie snipers. The only one here I really question heavily is High Explosive, because the chances of nailing a headshot with every grenade launcher round on those juggernauts from behind that car seems insane.

  • PlasmoidKnight

    I’m not saying Breech & Clear is illegit, I’m just saying that it’s unfair to us console gamers… just because you buy the PC version, which has some slight stat boosts, doesn’t make your record more valid than one on the XBOX 360.
    And High Explosive is legit. It’s not that hard to get headshots, it’s just hard to take out the juggernauts when they come in their stupid little hordes of 2 and 3. I must have taken that guy a ton of practice…

  • mplays

    Nice times on some of these runs. Here is a video i did for homeland security on veteran


    Got 4:40.90 time

  • PlasmoidKnight

    BTW, I just recently got 11.75 seconds on Breech & Clear, on XBOX. I’ll try to post a video soon. As of what I’ve seen after hours of searching, I believe I hold the world record, at least from what I’ve seen online.

  • Hunter214

    That hidden video is slow I do it in 2.44.40

  • SilentSleeper

    @ plasmoidKnight, Try Veteran on Breach & Clear, not novice ;p

  • Aaron

    haha i’ve beat half those times in special ops

  • Frickin crazy. I can’t even beat the first special op on veteran, and you’re doing it super fast. Nice work!

  • Dan S

    I have a new world record for you on Breach and Clear on Veteran 12.45. I have proof if you want it. I have the times on my camera.