10 Bizarre Moments from the Hitman Universe

I usually have my video compilations stick to games I actively play, like Halo or Call of Duty, but it’s good to branch out, and though I’m a Hitman noob, even I can appreciate the ridiculousness these videos have to offer.

Hitman rewards players for thinking outside of the box, which can result in some really creative kills. And sometimes? Things just get a little bit wonky, and game glitches spice the game up even more.

Check out the collection of bizarre moments I found below, and add your own in the comments if you have any.

1. The Terrorist


Maybe someone should give them real guns instead of airsoft ones and this could have been avoided.

2. The Wheelchair


Stephen Hawking NOOOO!!!

3. The Shower


Well that was just mean.

4. The Clown


Sweet release for anyone who hates clowns.

5. The Corpse


6. The Hot Tub


What the…? What just happened here?

7. The Jaywalker


Someone’s getting fired.

8. The Possessed Pants


His ghost wanted to raise the alarm.

9. The Wax Museum


Reminds me of Eyes Wide Shut somehow.

10. The Blind Men


Great tip for hiding from the cops.


  • Henrik

    Make a sequel to Hitman Blood Money ASAP!

  • Guy Incognito

    Yeah seriously. Stop messing around with those terrible Kane and Lynch games and get back to Hitman.

  • Tony

    So that’s great. Your “hitman universe” includes scenes from only one of the games. It’s a great game, but a lame list.