10 Badass Covers of Video Game Themes


There are certain video game themes that are recognizable the world over. Instead of just compiling a list of the best however, I wanted to find the most badass versions of each of them. We’ve got everything from garage bands, to classical pianists, to entire orchestras and something I’m not even sure qualifies as an instrument. I’m guessing you know most of the themes I’ve featured, but you might have forgotten how sweet they are until you watch these videos. Enjoy.


Pretty #@%$ing amazing for what seems to be just some kids in a basement.

2) Super Mario Bros.

Of course the Mario theme was going to be on here. There are a million different versions of it online, I chose the guy with two overlapping guitars. It was between this and the Tesla coils.

3) Sonic

Some pretty spectacular piano work here. If you don’t remember the Sonic soundtrack now, you will within ten seconds of this video.

4) Metal Gear Solid

They rounded up the whole orchestra for this one. If symphonies were like this, I’d totally be there.

5) The Legend of Zelda

There are a million Zelda covers out there, but this is the only one on an instrument from the future!

6) Final Fantasy VII

Another orchestra. Final Fantasy games really do have kickass music don’t they?

7) Metroid

This one’s on the piano. Recognize the mini-boss music?

8 ) Mortal Kombat

This is great, the guy starts off on the piano, and ends up switching to the guitar halfway though.

9) Mega Man

Some dude rocks out Mega Man X on his guitar.

10) Banjo Kazooie

Yeah, it’s a cover of a video game song, using another video game. On Mario Paint Composer specifically. Badass.


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