What the Hell? Secret Mass Effect DLC Released!


Um, excuse me? Despite never actually being announced, a new bit of Mass Effect DLC has hit Xbox live. Is this an accident? A joke? I certainly hope not because I Just paid 400 damn Microsoft points for it and it’s 33% done downloading as I write this.

Here’s the description:

“Test the limits of your combat prowess aboard a remote top-secret Alliance space station. Do you have what it takes to hold the top spot amongst the best of the best? This module includes a new land-able space station, 13 exciting combat scenarios, and approximately 2-3 hours of game play.”

I believe that it’s going to be some sort of “arena” type game, as that’s been the rumors for quite some time. If so, then awesome. But the ****ing problem is I’m going to have to revert back to a previous ****ing save to play it because Bioware didn’t think this ****ing game through all the way. Whatever, I can’t be mad about new DLC for one of my favorite games ever. I’ll get back to you soon with a full review.

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