Unreal Morning Links: Photographers Being Photographers, XBox 360 Takes Over, and Terrorist LEGOs


Click on the photo to see photographers doing their thing

Ladies and Gentlmen!  Let the weekend games begin.  It is time to head out to strip clubs, break WoW records, drink yourself silly, and masturbate until you can’t breathe.  Other than that, try and eat healthy.

Morning Links

XBox 360 Outsells XBox1 – [Sliced Gaming News]

Terrorist LEGO Minifigs are making news – [Geekologie]

Dog Trapped in a Forcefield – [Blog of Hilarity]

Terminator Salvation trailer bits for a limited time – [Ain’t it Cool News]

11 Tasteless Holiday Decorations – [Cracked]

Flickr Photo Winds up in the movie Ironman – [Cinematical]

I’m not happy about these remakes – [Filmwad]

Now these are the wise men who bear gifts – [Tastybooze]

Online etiquette for the holidays – [Screw Attack]

Fight Club: Blade vs. Rayne – [Doubleviking]

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