This Week In Movie Trailers!


Welcome to Friday and welcome to another edition of This Week In Movie Trailers!

I know I seem like a broken record when I ask this, but how was everyone’s week? Mine was alright! A bit stressful for various reasons, but alright. I did, however, watch a really interesting horror movie called Jug Face a few days ago. It was very unique, let’s just say that. Not sure if I should recommend it or not.

So, this week we have a bit of the old, a bit of the new, and a bit of the weird. Stay tuned below to find out which are which! Let’s go!

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer #56

You know what it is that I like about watching a zillion Spider-Man trailers? Nothing. You’re probably wondering “Well, Lyle, why do you keep posting them if you hate them so much?” It’s because I hate myself as well. I don’t actually, but I thought that was the only reasonable explanation! Anyway, now that our weekly SM trailer is out of the way, let’s move on! 😉

The Signal

Well this certainly looks interesting! I shall see this film!

Earth to Echo

This movie most likely isn’t targeted to my demographic, but it looks fun and adventurey! Let’s see how reviews go and I might check it out.

The Maze Runner

Another adapted youth novel for the big screen I see, only this looks pretty interesting unlike that horrid looking Divergent film. I hope I’m not setting my standards too low this week.


Here’s the first, full trailer for the Angelina Jolie film, starring herself. What do you think? I certainly don’t know!

Brick Mansions

I will watch this. Rest in peace, Mr. Walker.

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