The Morning Link: Famous People That Were in Movies Before They Were Really Famous

“One of the most popular and strangely enduring posts on the site was a one I ran last February: 12 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were in Movies You’ve Seen (Seth Rogen in Donnie Darko!). Basically, it’s a collection of now stars who you wouldn’t have noticed during the movie’s original run because they weren’t famous, but who would stand out to you now if you were to re-watch the movie.”

Go here to see the list.

  • Alec

    Nice list.

    You mentioned Krull. Another actor (though not as famous as the one you pointed out) that was in that one is Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid from Harry Potter).

  • Chris

    They missed Scarlet Johansson in Home Alone 3.