The 10 Funniest 80s Male TV Sitcom Characters

Unfortunately for the new generation of TV watchers the “sitcom” is becoming extinct.   The studio audience laugh track or even live studio audience is becoming a thing of the past.   It’s being replaces by reality TV, talent contests, and dating shows.

I long for the days of simple family fun with a twist of wit.   Too bad those days are far behind us.  In fact over 30 years behind us.   If you were around in the 80s you can appreciate how awesome those shows used to be.

And today, I pay tribute to 10 great characters from 80s sitcoms.  Male characters that is….

Heathcliff Huxtable

To this day, The Cosby show remains one of my favorite shows of all time.  I still watch it from time to time on Nick at Night.   Clearly the engine that made that show run was Bill Cosby and his portrayal of Dr. Huxtable was one of the best characters ever.

Alex P. Keaton

Rude, Republican, and spot on adorable.   Keaton was the epitome of a funny preppy kid with a big heart and one hell of an elitist, yet comical way of looking at the world and those around him.

Nick Moore

Ehhhh!  I hope you guys didn’t forget about this funny member of family ties.

Tony Micelli

Come on guys.  Tony Danza!  How awesome was he?  Ay Oh, Oh Ay!  Tough guy turned housekeeper?  How could you go wrong here?

Balki Bartokomous

I’ll bet you guys didn’t think of this one did you?  When you actually look back and see reruns of this show you’ll notice how funny Bronson Pinchot actually was as this character.   Pretty damned funny if you ask me.

Woody Boyd

Nearly the entire cast of Cheers could go up here but there’s only room for so many.  Personally I think Woody was the best character on the show but clearly that’s up for debate.

Sam Malone

You kind of have to put Sam Malone on here otherwise you run the risk of people shooting you dead on site.

Arnold Jackson

“Whatchu Talkin’ about Willis?”

Jack Tripper

Let us never forget how classic a show Three’s Company was.   And Ritter clearly made this show tick.


A talking alien living in a regular suburban home?  He’s like Brian on Family Guy before Brian existed.  Think about it.

*Honorable mention to Cliff Clavin, Norm Peterson, Mr. Furley, Mr. Roper, Frasier, Coach, Wayne Arnold, Bull


  • beckett929

    Good list…

    Cheer’s related, Coach’s character I thought was funnier than Woody, and its a shame Nicholas Colasanto passed away after just the first season.

    • BJ001

      Actually he was on for three seasons.

  • wannes

    how is Al Bundy not in this one?

  • Guy Incognitus

    Seinfeld first aired in July, 1989. Just sayin…

    • Nattyb

      Haha, yeah I thought about that but I just couldn’t do it.

  • Willie McCoy

    I see you have Bull in the honorable mentions, but at least one of the guys from Night Court should of made the actual list. I loved that show.

  • Schiapu

    Al Bundy tops all of them in my list.

  • Bert

    Just a note in case anyone has forgotten: Woody Harellson is awesome.

  • sandicrac

    Jack Tripper does not belong on the list. sure, 3’s company limped into the 80’s but the show best years were clearly 70s’.

    Skippy > Nick on Family Ties (so does Steven Keaton for that matter)

    Al Bundy had to make the list.


    • BJ001

      Well Married With Children ran from 1987-1997 and its best days were really in the 90s, just like Three’s company in the ’70s.

  • CuRoi

    I’m glad to see you included Bull from Night Court, but how can you leave out John Larroquette as Dan Fielding….The 80’s version of Barney from How I Met Your Mother.

  • Sterculius

    No one from Seinfeld = List is invalid.

    • Nattyb

      Come on, it started in ’89. It’s my favorite show of all time and I’m not an idiot. Do you really consider Seinfeld an 80s show? Come off it.

      • BJ001

        It aired one episode in 1989. It was mostly 1990-1998. I don’t know why some people insist on putting Seinfeld into the 80s category.