The ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ Trailer Will Divide You


Well, what do you think. Is the Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer odd and pleasant, or strange and creepy? The animation is pretty unusual, as there’s not much clay involved despite it being stop motion, and everything is pretty jerky, and sometimes 2D.

I personally think it looks great. I’ve never seen anything like it, and Mr. Fox was one of my favorite books growing up. Although that can be said about any Roald Dahl book to be fair. I think the voicing actually fits with the characters, despite it being A-list, and I’m looking forward to this more than Where the Wild Things Are, that’s for sure. If only Arcade Fire was scoring this movie instead…

  • IcemanD

    Hmm, could be good. I do like the animation style, it’s refreshing to see something that’s not all glossy and CGI. A rental for sure though.

  • Madison

    I think it’ll be good. It’ll be different, that’s for sure, which is pretty refreshing nowadays.

  • dicenslice

    I like the animation but why o why have so many American voice actors? I mean other than the book being British both foxes and badgers strike me as pretty representativly English things. Just grates with me a little since twas my favourite book as a young child

  • Lauren

    I find it so odd that the trailer doesn’t mention that it’s directed by Wes Anderson, with the screenplay by him and Noah Baumbach. I guess they are shooting for the kids market, but still, mentioning those two guys would guarantee every hipster turned yuppie would bring their rock band tee-shirted little one to the theater.

  • Dude

    Hope their script is good, since I don’t really dig stop animation.

  • Cam

    Normally I’m a fan of Stop-Mo, but it looks like all the characters have stepped into Uncanny Valley

  • I think the Uncanny Valley only exists for humans. Or at least it’s supposed to.