Mazu, Goddess of the Seas, joins FIGHT OF GODS!

PQube is excited to reveal the latest addition to the FIGHT OF GODS roster: Mazu, the Goddess of the Seas! Mazu will join the ultimate battle of deities on Monday, October 30, 2017!

FIGHT OF GODS is OUT NOW worldwide on Steam Early Access!

Mazu, the Goddess of the Seas, patron saint to sailors across the Chinese oceans, springs into action this November in FIGHT OF GODS. Commonly associated with saving seafarers from the terrible wrath of the seas, Mazu knows all too well that in order to save lives and safeguard those you are sworn to protect, sometimes you have to beat some ass.

A mid to long range specialist in combat, Mazu overwhelms her opponents with pressure from Thousand Miles Eye and With-the-Wind Ear, two demon familiars who fiercely battle on behalf of their beloved. Appearing from thin air and attacking from unconventional angles, they keep opponents guessing. With good range and a focus on aerial attacks and juggle combos, Mazu brings a flashy and explosive style to FIGHT OF GODS!

Existence itself is at stake in the greatest tournament ever devised in FIGHT OF GODS, the epic new 2D fighter from indie developer, Digital Crafter. When an unknown entity gathers the strongest gods and religious figures from throughout human history, mythological beings and holy icons must battle to uncover the truth and save the world!

As part of its Early Access release plans, Digital Crafter also wants YOU to have a say in which gods come next. We’re seeking fan suggestions to find out which other characters should join the stunning FIGHT OF GODS roster in the future. Poseidon? Ra? Loki? Quetzalcoatl? Cthulu? Korean Jesus? Somebody else? We want to know who gets your vote for the next wave of fighters! Have your say on the FIGHT OF GODS Steam Community page:

Mazu brings oceans of salt to FIGHT OF GODS on Monday, October 30, 2017!



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