Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Dr. Janosz Poha in Ghostbusters 2


Well the last figures in this feature were a little dated because I chose the movie City Slickers which was in 1991.   Well now I’m going back a further 2 years to 1989 that brought us Ghostbusters II.  At least you guys may have seen this movie on Comedy Central (I hope).   The movie itself was nowhere near as good as the first one.

In fact, it was pretty bad.  However, if I had to pick a shining moment in this movie (other than Bill Murray) it would clearly be Peter MacNicol’s character of Janosz Poha, the estranged foreign art director who gets possessed by the evil Vigo.

What’s incredible about this character is that you don’t know his country of origin and he has a ridiculous accent.  In fact in my eyes he has by far the best line in the movie.  In a scene where Bill Murray is kind of taunting him, Janosz storms in the room and shouts “Why are you came?”  You have to see this to understand the comedy of this moment but trust me, it’s funny.   There’s also a scene where Murray asks him where he’s from and Janosz says “The Upper Vest Side?”

It’s just his whole way of being a person that gets me and I find it hilarious.  If anything rent Ghostbusters II to laugh at this character.  He’s truly awesome, and MacNicol does a great job with the accent (whatever it may be).


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