It’s an Unreality Thanksgiving Miracle!



Loyal readers of the site (all four of you) are familiar with my eternal struggle to locate Dogmeat, your canine companion in Fallout 3. He’s in all the screenshots, and is supposed to be an “integral” part of the game, but 35 hours in and he was still nowhere to be found.

Well at long last I finally found him. He was in the scrapyard where I’d heard he’d be, but instead of fighting with Raiders, he had singlehandledly killed every single one of them. I guess you can get a lot accomplished when 317 in-game days have passed.

And so my Fallout questing can finally come to an end. I walked back to Megaton, sat down on my pre-war themed couch and cracked open a Nuka Cola with Fawkes as Dogmeat barked at my robotic butler. Life is good. Happy Thanksgiving to all!