Happy Memorial Day

Take a moment to remember those who have fought for you over the years.

We’ll be back tomorrow.  Have a safe holiday.

  • Javier

    No Game of Thrones discussion today?

    What am I supposed to do at work today? Actual work?!

    (every non US unrealitist fan)

  • GrandWazoo

    I guess you just have to realize that American holidays are going to be celebrated by the American writers that the site employs. We get this same discussion every holiday that the US solely celebrates.

  • Javier

    I realize that, it just annoys me that they have a free day and I have to work, and I can’t even discuss how awesome Game of Thrones was last night…

    heck, even the commenters over on AV Club seem to be taking a break since there are waaay fewer comments than usual…

  • MattChi

    I’m in the USA, but have to work today, so I feel your pain as well :(. WHERE ARE MY POKEMON.

  • Diablo

    If its any consolation, as a military vet, I kind of hate this holiday. All it does is remind me of the friends I lost (all due to suicide) and I get annoyed how its used as an excuse to sell mattresses and shit like that.

    Actually no…the thing that pisses me off most about Memorial Day is when people use patriotism as an excuse not to think. Like saying you think the US should change its foreign policy is somehow a slap in the face of veterans and shit like that.

    I should point out that my AC is down in my apartment and I am miserably hot right now…so that is probably making me sound really bitter.

  • Apollo

    Great pic.