Game of Thrones Mini-Review: “Breaker of Chains”


Alright, I’m traveling right now so I don’t quite have the time to do a lengthy review of last night’s episode. You all saw it, and so I’ll just jump straight into opening things up for discussion. Last night’s spoilers ahead.

Show people:

What do you make of the revelation that Littlefinger was behind the assassination? I thought it was well laid out considering he was practically the only character not seen in two episodes.

Do you think he acted alone or is anyone else involved?

Why is Cersei so stupid that she think Tyrion would poison Joffrey and stand there holding the damn goblet with a dumbfounded look on his face?

How will Tyrion worm his way out of this one? Or would George RR Martin really kill him?

Did you remember Joffrey even had a little brother? How pumped is Tywin that someone more easily manipulated is king?

Did Jaime lose some goodwill from you during his attempted sister-rape-while-dead-incest-son-lies-dead? Seemed out of place for his new character transformation.

How awesome was Daario killing that champion for Dany? I don’t like the guy, but that was freaking cool. Also, that wink.

To be fair, Dany should have picked a dragon as a champion. Where are they, anyway?

I would have launched swords at the walls, not collars, but I guess the symbolism is good.=

Book People (spoilers, and use spoiler tags in comments)

– They’re really starting with this Iron Bank stuff early. I guess it will put more pressure on the Lannisters which is good. But even in the books so far that never really comes to fruition all the way.

– They didn’t just make Oberyn more overtly bisexual, they actually had him give a speech about it. Hard to remember a badass bisexual character on TV, so it’s a cool change. But less sex more fighting soon, yah? That Mountain fight will be one to remember.

– I don’t think Dany’s storyline will ever be as interesting as her drama with Drogo and her brother. Once she plops down in one of these slave cities for good, things get even slower. Things only start to get interesting again once Tyrion finally gets to her.

– Tywin is a much more interesting and dynamic character than he was in the book, I think. Charles Dance is probably to thank for that. Looking forward to the look on Tyrion’s face when Shae shows up.

– The Hound is such a prick. I think they’ll drag out he and Arya’s time together just because their dynamic is so great. Am not a huge fan of her storyline once she does get to Braavos.


  • Sargent

    :::::::::: SPOILERS:::::::::::: (and balls)

    I think Olenna Tyrell was the one who dropped the poison into the goblet. She walked over to Sansa and played with her hair and her necklace before the whole mess. They also didn’t show much of her during the whole “Joffrey bullies Tyrion” schtick.

  • MegaSolipsist

    Dany just gets more badass with each season.