Five Recent Movie Trailers That Got Me Hyped


One of the best things about watching a movie in the theatre is watching the trailers that come with the film. Whenever my friends would say that: “we won’t be late, we’ll only miss the trailers.” That’s considered a sin on my book and one way ticket to my friendship blacklist. If you also decide to walk out even before the credits ended in a Marvel movie, then that’s beyond salvageable.

I used to feel not so optimistic about movies because the trailers I’ve seen  in the past were so-so. However, I started to feel more excited about films again after seeing the latest trailers out there. Read on to know which trailers that you should check out…

Edge of Tomorrow


While many might be bored with Tom Cruise, I’m still excited for this film despite its similarities with Groundhog Day or Source Code regarding the “reliving the same day” premise. The soundtrack for the teaser was great and I already found many people requesting it online. As an overall science fiction fan, it’s still a treat to get movies like this.



Christopher Nolan? Need I say more? I think it’s also a supremely added bonus that it’s a science-fiction flick as well. He’s also bringing almost the same cast and crew with him in this venture with the exception of some that he hasn’t worked with. I love that Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Michael Cain, and many other great actors are on board.

There’s not much we know about this film, but I find that advantageous whenever watching Nolan’s films especially Inception.



I’m not looking forward to this because of Zac Efron. I want to watch this movie because it looks genuinely hilarious and it’s always nice seeing Dave Franco in films. As a college student, I can pretty much relate to having frat boy neighbors especially since I go to a party university.  This may not be as serious as all the films here, but it has the potential to be pretty entertaining.



I normally look forward to every science-fiction offering out there, but this is higher up on my list because of Wally Pfiser’s directorial debut. He was a long time cinematographer and a frequent collaborator of Christopher Nolan. In fact, Nolan and his wife are the executive producers for this film.


I was a bit wary about this one because of how the last Godzilla blockbuster turned out. However, I was wrong because this trailer shows that it’s not going to be the same experience as before. When I found out that the director was the same guy who did Monsters, I wasn’t that surprised anymore by how impressed I was. He’s a guy who knows how to fit a human story in a monster film. Frank Darabont is also on board.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


I really liked the first movie, so I’m looking forward to see the sequel. At the same time, it’s kind of strange not seeing the cast from the first film but it still looks promising regardless. It’s interesting to see what kind of direction this film will take. I’m certain that the humans will not win since that will mean the end of more Apes films. Here’s to hoping that will get on hell of a ride!

  • Frothy_Ham

    I’m cautiously optimistic about Interstellar. I was as big a Nolan fan as you could get…I thought he was a complete genius, so many of his movies were counted among my favorites of all time, but TDKR was SUCH a let down, it failed so hard on so many levels (for me personally) that it made me question my fandom of this man.

    The trailer looks great, it gave me goosebumps…but there’s a part of me that’s very worried.

    • JohnH

      While I agree with your feelings about Nolan (I also was very let down by TDKR), why are you worried about a movie when you really know nothing about it? Might as well just not care and wait until more footage and plot details are released. No point in worrying.

      • Frothy_Ham

        Okay, maybe “worried” wasn’t the right word. To describe it more aptly…as good as Nolan’s former works were, TDKR left a really really bad taste in my mouth so it’s hard to be excited for future work in and of itself.

        At the end of it all though, you are right. There is no reason to put any energy toward being worried about liking something that is so far away. I’ll just have to make the decision of whether or not I like it when I finally see it for myself.

    • Thank you, Frothy. I thought I was the only one. Also, let me point out that for a sci-fi flick, Inception ate up way too much screen time explaining every goddamn thing they were going to do right before they did it. This is a terrible, terrible film device that only serves to take a great concept and make it seem lame by assuming the audience is too stupid to comprehend it without a mini-Kindergarten class before each scene.

      • Frothy_Ham

        Very good points about Inception. I still have appreciation for that flick, but it hasn’t stood up to repeated viewings very well. Classic case of “show, don’t tell”.

        I’d like to think that I’m not so fickle, but my disappointment in TDKR really made me take a step back and view Nolan’s other works in a more critical lens.

      • dfprince

        Still, most people didn’t understand the first thing about that movie.

  • dfprince

    Might be in the minority but I really liked TDKR. Enjoyed it more than Batman Begins which I feel is the more problematic movie. To each his own.

    • Frothy_Ham

      Don’t get me wrong, while I enjoyed Batman Begins much more than TDKR it was far from a perfect movie. For me it mostly comes down to tone. I don’t think BB ever tried to be anything other than a superhero/comic book movie. It was a much more serious and “gritty” (if that means anything now) superhero movie but it was easier for me to overlook many of the plot holes and over-the-top-ness of it all because it fit within the tone. I will say that the movie has not aged particularly well in the 8 years since it’s release.

      Part of where TDKR missed the mark for me was that…it just couldn’t find a tone. Half of the movie was a sluggish, plodding mess of barely touched upon characters interacting in a sterile uninteresting looking world. The other half was just a series of MASSIVE impossible to miss plot holes and/or lazy storytelling that never came together to form any kind of coherent theme, sprinkled in with some poorly choreographed action scenes.