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From: InsertName on Ten of the Baddest Fictional Movie Weapons

Oh you [insert expletive],
How could you possibly forget [insert weapon I just randomly looked up on Google just to sound smart and/or like a total douchebag]! This list is [insert another expletive, possible misspelled]! And how could you think that [insert weapon from list] is even [insert adjective to describe weapon]? You [insert expletive referring to uselessness of writer]!
This list is ultimate [insert totally overused buzz-word of the day like FAIL to make you sound cool and/or like a douchebag]!

PS- I write stuff like this for a living at I now exactly how you feel. Keep up the good work and have fun with it. You are never, ever going to please everyone.


Hah, this made my day. All you regular readers never do stuff like this, and I love you for that, but we get the occasional Google troll who comes in and berates us mercilessly for not including their favorite whatever in a list of best whatevers. It’s one thing to tell us we missed something, but no need to be a douche about it!

  • Madison

    Amen. You can never, ever please everyone. I just love how people take it personally and become hostile when you leave something off a list that they love. Really, I love it.

  • Velovan

    He left out the racial and gay insults. A Google Troll rant simply isn’t complete until they invent a new and hilarious slur.

    But seriously, keep up the good work.

  • J5

    Yeah, never understood why people get upset about a posting/list/article on the internet. Reminds me of that one comic from Xkcd “Someone on the internet is WRONG.”
    If you have an opinion, share it, but no need to be a prick.

    With that being said, this is my new favorite website. Thank you for displaying humble amounts of awesomeness.

  • Drester

    Isn’t this spam or something?

  • J5

    meant to say “Thank you for being humble while displaying copious amounts of awesomeness.”

    Kids, this is why you never let work get in the way of your internet posting.

    And dont smoke crack…..or so I hear.

  • Jessicat- meow.

    the guy is a total d-bag. He just came to ur site to advertise and to probably steal some of ur postings for ideas. Ur posting was awesome.

  • J5


    The Gunaxin guy was just showing the standard boilerplate most trolling d-bags use, not being one himself…..

    Or at least not in his post.

  • nico

    love the site man. always have great original content, lists, and some decent reviews as well.

  • Tishy

    Hah! Love it.

  • Bryan

    Yeah, how did you leave out the Unicorn Machine gun from some movie I just made up called “Machine Gun Unicorn”?!??!?

    You are a stinky writer with no skills and… and… have an old car! Take that!

    I find it funny when people get so caught up in these lists. Say, like the guy was complaining about a lack of lightsabers, I imagine some dude sitting in a Jedi robe in a dark corner watching endless re-runs of the Star Wars kid. And probably masturbating to it. Icky.