I Vote ‘No’ On the ‘Clash of the Titans’ Trailer


I was getting pretty excited for Clash of the Titans, due to the cool armor and creatures I was seeing in still shots from the set. And really, can you beat Liam Neeson as Zeus? I submit that you cannot.

However, I’m less than pumped about this trailer for the film, which has the crew battling giant scorpions that look only slightly better than they did in the campy ancient version of the film. The rock soundtrack is overdone without making the film look cool like 300 (which is clearly what they were going for), and the CGI all around is just pretty terrible. But this is from director Louis Letterier, who did the lastest Incredible Hulk movie, which is why I’m not surprised.

Hopefully I’m wrong, and this turns out to be badass, but on it’s current trajectory, I’m seeing a big ‘ol miss on the horizon.

And really, your tagline is “Titans will Clash”? Sigh.


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