Yes, Michael Bay’s Victoria’s Secret Commerical Has Both Explosions and Helicopters


This is the Michael Bay-directed commercial for Victoria Secret’s “One Gift, A Thousand Fantasies” campaign where we learn that among Michael Bay’s fantasies are girls with diamonds on their face, girls throwing knives at other girls and girls in lingerie directing explosions and helicopters on one of his film sets.

Is Bay trying to be a parody of himself? I’m not sure, but when you only have a minute and a half to film and you STILL cram in a helicopter and an explosion, it seems like you’re trying pretty hard.

It’s better than you’re average Victoria’s Secret commercial I suppose, but blending a a desert, the playboy mansion and a circus into a 90-second spot makes you lose the plot a little bit. Plot? Sorry, what was I thinking, this is a Victoria’s Secret commercial.

I always wondered who thought up Victoria’s Secret’s ad campaign. “Let’s literally find the eight HOTTEST WOMEN ON THE PLANET and have them  model our lingerie.” Now that’s aiming for the moon, hitting it and setting up a base camp there complete with a water park.

  • Madison

    Bay has done something like this in the past, making a commercial that featured tons of explosiosn and tigers and shit. Thankfully the guy has enough sense to laugh at himself – he’s well aware of how his films are received.

  • Lagrange

    Aiming for the moon. I think you made yourself clear. You want the moon!