Batman’s Many Looks in Arkham City

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What you see above is the many available costume changes you’ll find in the upcoming Arkham City, a sequel to a game that was far better than it had any business being, Arkham Asylum.

There are a host of wardrobes available and I’m trying to name them all. There’s Batman Beyond (which looks freaking awesome), obese Year One Batman (by which I mean Dark Knight Returns Batman, whoops), two I recognize but don’t know and are presumably from different comic series, and then obviously Batman the Animated series after that. Finally, the standard costume from the game is on the right. All that’s missing is Adam West Batman, but maybe they couldn’t get the licensing rights.

The problem? This is all DLC. Sure, it doesn’t add anything to the game and is just cosmetic, which has long been DLC’s excuse for existing in many instances, but remember when you could just play through the game and unlock these? Perhaps you can still do that, but if they’re only available via real life money or preorders, that would be pretty lame.

  • Gamer_Ely

    haha 2nd from the left is classic 90’s comic book physique he looks ridiculous

  • XenoIrish

    2nd in from the left is from Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns.

    These make me want individual sandbox games in the style of Batman Beyond, and The animated series. The animated series would be amazing, all the 1950s architecture and jumping from blimp to blimp.

  • Bert

    3rd from the left is apparently from the upcoming “Batman: Earth-One” comic. And apparently they will be pseudo-DLC, meaning depending where you buy or pre-order the game, you get a different skin.

  • Xin

    I’m not certain, but I believe I read on another site that these are just artist renditions of what might be in in the game.

  • JB

    I think these are pre order bonuses but are unlocked to all one you beat the game. Like the battle armor from the first game.

  • Arafax

    Damn the Beyond Version just looks epic …

  • Dzuksi

    From left to right:

    Batman Beyond (amazing)
    Dark Knight Returns
    Earth One
    1970’s Batman
    Batman The Animated Series
    Batman Arkham Asylum

  • Russell

    Beyond is pretty hawt… heard its UK only though

  • Tim

    What is “real life money?”

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  • I’ll consider getting the DLC just for the Animated Series one. That looks awesome!

  • Greg

    These are only available for unlocking based on pre-ordering from different vendors. The one I want (Batman TAS – second from the right) is from Gamestop if I remember right.