Update: A Few Site Issues

Hi everyone, as you can see the site is back online, but some of you are still getting malware warnings when you try to visit posts. A few days ago, we (and a few other sites) had a rogue ad that carried something nasty with it, and Google flagged our site as dangerous. We have since cleared out that ad, and the malware is gone and Google is scanning our site so we can be unflagged by them (and subsequently Firefox). As soon as they do this, we will return to posting as usual, which hopefully will be very soon.

Again, thanks so much for your patience and continued support.

  • Dude

    Missed ya! πŸ™‚

  • Mr Cinema

    My life was empty without you!

  • Bernie

    Must admit, the malware warning was a bit of a surprise. Good to see you back up.

  • Matt Chi

    I kept getting the ad attack as well. It always happened at work, which was awkward and dangerous haha. Good think I am a spyware/windows expert.

  • sarah

    it was like rehab without you XP

  • Edzone

    Well I’m just glad you’re not dead, it could have been much worse, has anyone seen what’s happened on FunnyJunk. All the files have been reverted to May 5th. My account got deleted, as did many other peoples. May we rest in PokΓ©mon.

  • Velovan

    Be honest: You were trying to hypnotize us over the Internet and the malware warnings detected your evil plan. I always knew that underneath the facade of Pokemon obsession and cute kids dressed like storm troopers, you lot were hatching a nefarious scheme of world domination.

    I want in πŸ™‚

  • Lyre

    Welcome back! I’m not going to lie, I was thinking of committing seppuku…

  • colin

    man was i bored without you guys lol
    i like the Hal reference too

  • Mr shaunte

    you see that guy in the upper right hand corner with the green back ground…. yeah that was me when i couldn’t get your site to work!!! never again or ill tie you to the bed and light this house on fire!

  • Man i missed the site πŸ™

    but good to see you again, keep up the goow work (at searching the internet for all kind of funny stuff so i dont have to ^^)

  • illeaturfamily

    so glad you guys are back. my work days will go much faster again πŸ™‚

  • Limitus

    I hated every single day I had to read that nasty “site not available” πŸ™

    Welcome back and keep up the good work!

  • chrystani

    YAY!!! a functioning site.

    Comment moderation sucks, but I guess it needs to be done.

    Your site is finally out of limbo… sweeet.