A Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 3 Wish List


A lot of people who have been following the stuff I write online know that I am in love with the video game Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball series. I recently discovered that a third game is indeed in development, but the bad news is that it will be delayed. I wasn’t that disappointed with the news because I’m glad that Tecmo finally acknowledged that there will even be another game for the fighting game’s spin-off.

Consequently, this made me think about the things I want to see in the next game. Some people even joked that the reason behind the delay is because the boob physics aren’t up to par. Yes, I’m sure a lot of fans would like to see that improved on the latest generation of consoles. Joking aside, the series deserves a lot more credit with its other features besides the partial nudity and innuendo.

What am I looking forward to in the third game?

dead or alive

First of all, I was pretty upset that the second game took out the local multiplayer feature. I forgot if there was an online component, but the main thing I enjoyed the most from the game was the fact that I could play beach volleyball with my friends who were sitting beside me. It seemed so strange that they removed such a simple feature. I’m no programmer but I don’t see how its inclusion would have been so difficult to integrate with the game. Let’s hope that the third game will include both online and local multiplayer.

It would also be cool if you could actually explore Zack Island in third person. In the past games, you could go to various locations by scrolling through a selection of areas. You can then decide what activities to do in the same menu as well. Imagine walking around as one of the girls and you can actually approach other characters and activities. It doesn’t need to be entirely open world, but only to a certain degree.

Relationships are also an important part of the game. Building and maintaining relationships with other girls is key to having a partner. Without one, you can’t even play volleyball at all. There are other activities you could do, but the game is all about that sport though so it’s pretty vital. It would be great if building relationships goes beyond simply giving gifts that’s wrapped in their favorite color. How about letting us do activities with the other girls to build relationships? Each girl could have their own favorite thing to do. Cutscenes would be fine, but it would be great to actually participate like pool jumping, water sliding, and others.


How about adding some new characters into the mix? I know that there have been new additions to the Dead or Alive roster since the last volleyball game came out. Let some of the other girls in the line-up join the spin-off as well. Perhaps, the developers could even create an entirely new character for the volleyball franchise. They could even use the newly created character in future fighting games too! I’m also not opposed to the idea of having a male character in the game. Women need something to ogle at too even if admiring other women is a lot of fun too. However, I don’t think that it should be more than one male character if ever though. The girls are pretty much the highlight of the game, so maybe just have one as a cameo character. I nominate Ryu Hayabusa for the first cameo!

It would be nice to have some sort of special and individual storyline for each girl in the game. For example, Hitomi, Helena, Kasumi, and everyone else would have different goals and ideas of what a perfect vacation would be like. This isn’t too much of a big deal for me, but if it means more cutscenes… then why not? Forming rivalries with other girl/s would also be an interesting dynamic in addition to creating relationships.

Lastly, I hope that Tecmo keeps everything else that most of their fans love. Their soundtrack has always been awesome, visiting the casino is addicting, and the mini-games are hilarious. All the developer needs to do is polish and improve the games their fans love so much.

  • I don’t know, man, I’m still mega-butthurt from DOA5 being almost unplayable garbage. If they couldn’t make the main game run decently, my expectations for this are zero. Even at its best, DOAX got real old real fast. And adding the male characters is important to making me not feel like a total scuzz while playing it. Nothing ininherently wrong with sexualized characters, but there needs to be equality. Ladies deserve some eye candy too. Add some real social sim aspects and I’ll consider Redboxing it or something, but if it’s more of the same, count me out.

  • goseebananafish

    Love the rivalry idea. The girls could play tricks on each other, give gifts that they hate, sabotage their matches. And card battles, every game is better with card battles.

  • John W

    what about another rumble roses?

  • freedantheeternal .

    Yeah, I’m probably in the minority here, but I actually think the next Xtreme game should include the guys from the DoA lineup too. Even though I am a guy, I think it’d just be a good idea to diversify a bit. As hyper-sexualized as the DoA women are, the guys all are too, considering they’re all super-ripped beefcakes, and you get them all running around in trunks and speedos with no shirts and maybe it’ll lessen the bad rep the Xtreme series has just a bit.

    As far as actual game features, I want a bit more variety to the games other than the volleyball, and make them live up a bit more to the “Xtreme” title. Like maybe some dirt-bike racing on the island (complete with mud, of course), and other things of that sort.