Young Joaquin Phoenix is…SUPERKID!


Leave it to Nattyb to find a video this random. What we have here is a clip from season one of a show called “Little Hercules” starring a very, very young Joaquin Phoenix before his days of Oscar nominations and growing crazy beards.

While watching the video, I was less entranced by how much he looks like present day Joaquin Phoenix, and more so how much he looks like his deceased brother, River (of young Indy in The Last Crusade fame). The hair, the eyes, it’s all there.

I wonder if Joaquin dying his hair then or now? Usually you don’t switch from blond to brunette that late in life.

  • Nweese

    Anyone notice how for the act of throwing someone in a dumpster one of the culprits gets murdered by way of heat vision, another knocked out and the last is scarred for the rest of their life?

  • Lauren

    @nweese – I did think SuperKid was a little hard on the bullies.

    And I’m sure Joaquin’s hair just got dark, like most blonds. Mine was practically white when I was a kid, in the last 20 or so years it’s become a rich brown. That blond chick you think is hot? She dyes it.