You Cannot Beat the J.J. Abrams Board Game


(click to enlarge at io9)

In celebration of what should be the last season of Lost (unless there’s a twist!), the good folks over at io9 have made this J.J. Abrams themed board game that you absolutely will not win. Why? Well with every space being something like “Surprise! Your boss is the bad guy” (go back ten squares),” You notice the number 47 surrounds you everywhere you go (go back to start),” “You blow yourself up to save everyone (game over),” it’s pretty damn hard to advance. It’s a combination of things from Lost, Fringe and a little bit of MI3, Star Trek and Cloverfield thrown in for good measure.

But anyways, who’s pumped for Lost next week? It’s on Tuesday now? What the hell? Dislike. Anyway, I’ll be starting up my weekly “Lost Questions” column as of then, and now that we have readers this year, it should be a lot more fun!

  • JapJay

    I should really start watching Lost at some point.

  • chelsea

    Tuesday is Groundhog’s Day. the producers chose that day to premier the new season on purpose. they may switch it back to Wednesday or Thursday… why would you dislike the best show on tv being on Tuesday? or Monday at 4am or any other time? you’re starting to sound like a separatist….

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