Yes, Felicia Day, I Want to Date Your Avatar


Though to be fair, I would prefer you, the real you. Sorry Amy  Adams, but I would in fact cheat on you with Felicia Day.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, this is a video made by the members of the fabulous web show “The Guild.” In case you missed it, I’ve laid it out all nicely for your viewing pleasure here. This video is an original song by the group, featuring the heavy synthesized vocal stylings of Ms. Day and cheerleader dancing from the asian girl who plays Tink. There’s also Indian and old white man rapping.

The video is a promotion for the show, and you’re supposed to help them out by buying the song on iTunes. I’m a little skeptical of this however, as the production quality of this video is far beyond that of The Guild itself, and I think they used an entire season’s budget just to make the thing. But whatever, support them anyways because The Guild is better than most actual shows on TV and it should have a long and full life.

The shot of Felicia Day laying in a sea of gold coins is now my new wallpaper.

  • Madison

    The visuals of the video were nice, but man did that song get on my nerves fast.

  • Toreno

    That’s really great footage xD

    We Want More!

  • i liked the rapping part XD

  • Lagrange

    I don’t get what Amy Adams has to do with it?
    Caus’ she’s a redhead too?

  • Because I am also in love with Amy Adams.

  • Lagrange

    Ah, I see ^^
    When did you realize your love? I only remember her in Enchanted and in Sunshine Cleaning.
    She and Felicia Day also have in common that they both look like as they would start crying every moment.

    By the way I just read that the song is #1 on iTunes top 100. The 99 other song are of course made by big labels. Internet wins again.
    Thank god that there is no official RPG/Schooter party. They would pwn politics.