Wow, The Event Had Quite the Pilot

I just finished watching my DVRed recording of The Event from last night, as it’s one of the only new shows premiering this fall I’ve heard any real buzz about. I’m not doing a full review of the show, not yet at least, though I am looking for something to fill the hole Lost and 24 have left in my TV schedule.

And that’s exactly what the show is being sold as, Lost meets 24. I think that might actually be the official logline. It has the fast paced action and font style (litearlly, they use the same font) as 24, and the “don’t know what the f*ck is going on-ness” of Lost, and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

I’m not going to do a plot recap, but I am very much digging the style of the show, which is looking to blend conspiracy thriller with possibly supernatural elements, but it boasts a solid cast as well, and even made time for a decent amount of character development in the pilot, something far too many shows scrap or half-ass these days.

There are many mysteries to be baffled by, how the main character, his girlfriend and her family are involved in this conspiracy, what secrets this mysterious undocumented prison holds and what the hell The Event itself actually is (was?). It really does feel like a Lost and 24 hybrid, but also uniquely its own style. I think this is what FlashForward was trying to be, but ultimately failed because it’s central “event” was stupid and one massive plot hole. I can’t say the same for this show, mainly because we don’t actually understand what this event actually is yet. I have theories, and you probably will too after you watch it, but I’m going to hold off and see if this is going to be worth doing a week to week review for. I think it actually might.

In case you missed it, go here to watch the full episode on Once you’re done, feel free to come back and share your own thoughts.

  • kj27

    Really? You liked that turd of a show?

    It had all the good acting of a 3rd rate soap opera, and truly it was just a horrible knock off of camera styles, cut scenes, and transition music. They really are trying to make it like those shows… by stealing the uniqueness of them. This is a sad attempt at entertainment in my book.

    Also, the ground shaking and the hurricane force winds all because of a plane approaching??? It wasn’t even half-way believable.

  • Cartman86

    You should look into Lone Star. Really really surprised me.

  • Coffee

    Frankenstein TV show that belongs on SciFi back when it still was SciFi. How do people make money out of these shows? Must be some very clever accounting.

  • Hulk confused. Time jumps make Hulk brain hurt.

  • papa cavedweller

    That show was a real turd!

  • Bryan

    One problem- when the “Event” is disclosed, show over. I’m hoping for an alien invasion that probes the President. Have a cameo with Cartman.

  • Glass2099

    Haven’t seen The Event, but I will check it out and write back with an opinion. As for Flash Forward, I respect that you did not buy into the everyone saw the future and the conspiracy (the conspiracy part was not in the book and the book was still awesome!), but it was a truly unique idea.

    Ex. Nicolas Cage in Next is A man that can see into the future, and things change for him after every time he looks at it. In Flashforward, everyone saw the future and now details of the future are changing everywhere while events seem to be eerily on a collision course with everyone’s visions.

    Type in “FlashForward canceled?” on google. In the many articles you will find confirming cancel or undecided hiatus, there are very few who do not want the show either to be brought back, be moved to a new time slot, be picked up by another station, or boot V off the air with a vengence. The only complaint that comes up very little is the pacing of the story needs some adjustment. Props were given to the originality of the premise, the acting, characters, the plot twists and conspiracy, the premier, and the season finale (which is more than The Event seems to be garnering from the general consensus; still going to give it a go ;). I myself was excitedly gasping to myself “holy crap!” by the end of most episodes.

    Please, if you have anything to add about the flash forward being a massive plothole, I would enjoy reading. Sometimes plotholes can enrich the experience for me depending on how I handle the “how did they come up with that?” moments (these made Heroes more enjoyable than it would have been if full abuse of the characters powers had been taken, IMO.

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