Wow, I Am SO Excited for the Next Season of ‘Heroes’ Now


It’s the new promo poster for the new season of Heroes, which simultaneously both shows and tells us nothing. Impressive! The most interesting things to note are that someone at NBC learned how to use the “lens flare” effect in Photoshop, and someone else thought it was necessary to cut Hayden Panettiere’s cleavage in with a razor blade since her regular boobs just weren’t cutting it.

I think this might be the season I finally give up on Heroes, because if even the show producers themselves don’t have a clear idea of where this season is going, I don’t think it’s worth my while.

  • Oh, come on! It takes a lot of energy and effort to master that lens flare. Look how intense everything looks after the efx have been applied.

    As for Hayden, really?? Did they pencil that in?!? Re-touch FAIL.

  • Y.A.Y

    xD yeah this promo give me great expectations for next season.

    Well seriously i dont know what to think.. last season was a disaster but had a kinda decent finale.. but season 3 since the start was a total fail villains or fugitives.. FAIL…. this season looks like dont follow any storyline or old plot… is a whole new plot except for the tracy vengance stuff… but this fresh start at season 4 doesnt seem to right..

    If they make a decent storyline for the old good Mohinder i think they are really improving if they make him some kinda of mask superhero or kill him off, then the show is officialy dead

  • IcemanD

    I already gave up half way through last season. Season 2 was absolute shit and season 3 wasn’t any better.

    Why is this show still on television?

    I guess the same reason According to Jim made so many seasons…

  • Madison

    Eh, at least they took a chance with the way last season ended. Nobody would have predicted how the “Sylar problem” was solved, albeit temporarily.

    I will watch, clinging to hope that the magic of Season 1 will return, only to be disappointed once again…

  • Josh

    Robert Knepper (of Prison Break fame) is starring in the 4th season. That right there gives me hope. Not to mention that the trailer was actually pretty good, surprisingly.

  • Y.A.Y

    This “Carnival” stuff seems to be interesting but im not sure…

  • I was able to catch the preview of the upcoming season at this years San Diego Comic Con, and all I’ll tell you is this – it’s MOS DEF checking out. Seriously.

  • ME

    I am most definitely 100% watching it in September! I was soo sceptical about the Villains plot, and with good reason, basically it was crap. The only thing that came out of it was Elle and Adam died two FANTASTIC characters. Volume 4 was eh….it did have Cold Snap the most amazing episode since Cautionary Tales. And the finale was okay. But this season man, it looks sweet! Besides Claire who is totally annoying anyway. Tracy is the most amazing woman to exist, Peter has a good storyline (he fights freaking DARTH MAUL! XD), HRG and Angela building a new company, Hiro…whatever.

    But the carnival people (like Darth Maul) and Robert Knepper look SWEET! Can’t wait for September 21st! This is the shows last chance, why not watch it? It’s only 19 episodes for an hour on Monday night, you could be surprised 🙂