Winter is Coming, via My New Shirt

I often feature a lot of cool items up for sale on the internet, and sometimes I even claim they’re so rad, I’m going to buy them myself.

This is often bullshit, but when it isn’t, I like to broadcast the fact that I was actually serious. My new Direwolves t-shirt now joins the ranks of my Metal Gear Solid jacket and my Modern Warfare ski-mask as cool nerd products I’ve actually purchased.

And I have to say I highly recommend it. The print is flawless, the t-shirt material isn’t cheap or low-grade. A medium actually fits me (though I fear it may shrink a bit and put me into tight t-shirt “bro mode”), and I highly recommend one to any of you out there who are Game of Thrones fans yourselves. As a reminder yes, Stags, Lions and Dragons are also available.

This is from WinterArtwork as you may recall, and you can pick one up for yourself there.

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  1. Joachim August 31, 2011

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