Winnie Cooper is Making Math Hot?

Ever wonder what actress Danica McKellar is up to these days besides occasionally posing in Maxim making people go “THAT’S Winnie Cooper?”

Well, as it turns out, post-Wonder Years, McKellar majored in Math at UCLA, and staring in 2007, has authored a series of books aimed at tween girls that make math fun. Or sexy. Or something like that.

Granted, I had to look at Wikipedia to find out all this, because otherwise, if I just stumbled upon this “Math Chic” section of Barnes and Noble, I would have been rather confused as to what the hell was going on.

  • Math IS awsome. It’s the way we TEACH it that is completely absurd. I hated math all the way through school, but now that i’m an adult i understand what rocks about math… and i wish so much that i had known this stuff back when i was in school. Maybe i would have payed more attention. It absolutely grieves me to know how many people will NEVER appreciate math for what it really is.

    the article that turned me around:

    Look for the pdf at the bottom of the page. I don’t know what Danica’s approach is, but if it’s anything short of the suggestions made by the author of that pdf, i’d consider it a phenomenal wasted effort.

  • Lagrange

    She’s also one of the few people in the world to have and Erdős number AND a bacon number!

  • Ben

    Swami, I am in high school right now and i believe the classic way math has alway been taught has worked fine for me. I do realize how important and interesting math can be.